My mind was playing some arcade game yesterday about the topic of silent impact without noise and noisemaking without notable impacts. As I ruminated more on these scenarios, what came to my mind was funny but had great lessons.

I remembered the day I was with my siblings in the same room and I felt this gaseous discomfort in my belly. I was supposed to go out of the room to release the gas but as a child, I did not know better. I tried to steady the fart not to sound loud and so it came out slow, steady and noiseless. As noiseless as it was, the malodorous smell almost made me faint myself. My siblings felt the impact of the fart even though they could not readily point at the person who just caused the nostril unrest. My fart was silent but impactful. Laughs!

On another occasion, I was alone in my room after eating banana and groundnut that evening. I drank alot of water before going to bed but I was feeling full gas in my tummy. Since I was alone in my room, I began to release some ballistic sounding stuff. What surprised me was, as highly sounding as the farts were, they were odourless. What a twist and turn.

What are the lessons here:

1. Impact is not until you make noise, you can make impact silently from your little space. You can make impacts without making noise.

2. Most of the processes that make the loudest noise often times have the lowest impacts.

3. Noise and paparazzi are not true measures of impact.

4. Let your noise commensurate with your impact if at all you will make noise.

He gives understanding to the simple


Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

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