I was invited recently for a short interview. The interviewer asked me alot of questions on technology, innovation and governance, the themes I really enjoyed. I answered a particular question on collaborative commons for young innovators. As I explained the term practically, the interviewer cuts in, “Do you have a best friend”?. Chai. The question almost threw me off balance and it triggered the question I had always asked myself for the past 5 years. The question is ” who is my best friend”.

After beating around the bush for like a minute, I eventually told the interviewer that I don’t have any best friend but I have alot of valuable relationships. I noticed that people attach so much importance to having a best friend and some people are so close to a particular friend that people often call them 5 and 6. The truth is,

1. You can be 5 and 6 with somebody and yet not give values to each other.

2. You can be 5 and 6 for years but don’t tell each other the truth.

3. You can be 5 and 6 but not genuinely interested in the growth of the other person.

We often times deny ourselves the chance of exploring several valuable relationships because of the pressure to have one best friend.


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