Dear GOD,

Hey big guy how are you? I never really ask? You’re so easy to talk to, to take advantage of, to blackmail.
I hate to say this but your LOVE is reckless and it gets you in trouble always….

I’m not complaining, hell no !! I benefit from this in-cautiousness, I breathe it too but then I turn towards you and by my actions to you; I spit in your face, the words, “I DO NOT LOVE YOU”.

I could say I love you in a heart beat but my actions are futile, oozing pain, sorrow, hate…
I really do love, I sound like a broken record, we both know I’m one.

I really am sorry big GUY, I could ask you: what can I do to show you I love YOU ?

Wait I know the answer but your way is freaking HARD (my flesh speaking). Can we do this someother time, I feel overwhelmed already!!!


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