I was in this team of five some years back. I was not so vast in the area of assignment given to us but I read up before the team’s first meeting. The team had this individual who by the virtue of education had done stuffs in the area of our assignment . As we started the meeting, this individual was literarily lording it over us by taking over the discussion. The team meeting that was supposed to be interactive became a lecture class. He was going off point so much that I had to call his attention but his ego would not allow him to listen.

We departed and we fixed a second meeting. The assignment for the second meeting was to come with our different slides and then final editing. At the second meeting, our dear friend down talked all our slides, calling them useless and incorrect. I objected and corrected him for talking to us that way. After all, it was a team work. He eventually submitted his own slides to the project coordinator as our team slide and made himself the automatic presenter for the team.

On the presentation day, our team was called out. He started presenting with the article “I” almost throughout the presentation. The project coordinator noticed this and asked us if the presentation was a team work. Before he landed, one of our team member started lashing out with an extreme fury and was almost attacking the guy physically. I cautioned him to keep his cool. The coordinator penalized us for being disorganized and we eventually had the poorest marks in the project.

The lesson here:
1. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are in a field, as long as you are in a team, you must ensure that you derobe yourself of all self glory and work towards achieving the team objectives.

Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

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