I was in a a meeting recently. As a matter of procedure, we were all made to introduce ourselves. I was the first to introduce myself in my row. When it was the turn of the fourth person on my row, he introduced himself with the surname FALANA. The chairman of the meeting cuts in, “the same FALANA?”. The young man said no. The Chairman insisted that he must be from the Femi FALANA family because he looked like them.

We all laughed and the chairman referred to the young man as Femi FALANA throughout the meeting. Long story short, the young man got a special meeting slot with the chairman at the end of the meeting even though he had never met Falz the bad guy, let alone Femi FALANA himself.

The point here is. There are many FALANAs in Nigerian but the name Femi FALANA stood out to the extent that everyone that hears FALANA thinks all FALANAs are lawyers. The name opened a door to someone far away. That is what I call influence .

Don’t spoil your family name . Make it a reference point.


Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

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