I was fortunate to meet two friends four years ago who purchased the same brand of cars the same day. We met at a mechanic village in Ibadan. The mechanics were making jest of one of the friends who had wrecked the body of his own car and the engine was already smoking.

A mechanic even listed the number of times he had burned the gasket of the car through his lackadaisical attitudes to the car management. The other friend’s car stood elegant still and very clean. All the components were still intact and a mechanic noted how speedy it performs on the highway. We all laughed at the jokes but I left the place with these lessons.

1. The two friends were given the same opportunities but one decided to remain speedy and respected by taking care of his car while the other slowed himself down with no dignity by handling his car roughly. In life, while others are paying attention to speed generating components such as information, developing new skills, getting new knowledge, building healthy networks etc, don’t slow yourself down by driving your engine to a knock point by not changing the oil in your engine as at when due.

2. A slow and rickety car is a problem to itself and even a bigger problem for other fast cars on the highway. In the highway of life, overtaking is allowed but a rickety car will never overtake any but rather will be overtaken by all the cars on the road. A rickety car is naturally not positioned to compete on the highway, it will rather drive on the edge of the road. Don’t be a rickety car.

Lubricate your parts, wash your body, wax your body clean, change your tyres, clean your interior, change your engine oil as at when due and drive safely. You will always be a darling to other vehicles and you will move as fast as you should on the highway of life.

A word is enough for the SMART, wisdom is not enough.

Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

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