“Do you take this man to be your husband?”
The bride smiled and answered softly,
“I DO”.
The groom says the same and they kiss and go home.
Only that they lied.
They DON’T.
They didn’t listen and understand the significance of their vows and a year later,
The home is in confusion,
And just like that, It’s over.
They drag each other on the internet where they let strangers decide who’s right or wrong.

Lil Johnny is twelve years old and would flip out on anyone who calls him a small boy.
Last night, he was standing in front of a judge looking tough,
“God forbid that I be perceived weak” he thought,
as he testified falsely against his school teacher.
His mother looked at him after the trial and asked,
“Johnny what happened to you?”
He doesn’t answer as he sticks out his new white tennis shoes and waves her off.
“He’s got more in the feet than he does in his head” his mother says sadly as he bounces off.

Welcome to what my friend, DoyinDeji termed,
“Generation X”
We’ve been ushered into an era of
“Sharp sharp”
“Zero chill”
Hard work no longer pays in this generation.
So we try to roughen things up.
The young men have become Professional Fraudsters and if you are not careful, you are likely to be a victim.
Their mentality is,
“It’s the money that matters,
So let’s get it while we can,
Even if it means eating shit
Or sleeping with multiple girls and leaving them empty.
“We MUST have the cars, gadgets, jewelries and more importantly millions in our bank accounts.
But we don’t wanna work hard.
Some others have this money
And we must simply obtain it.
Because in this era.
What you own defines you.”

For the ladies, it’s an equally pathetic situation.
Many young women live an aesthetic lifestyle,
“Aye Lavida loca”
With “unknown” sources of wealth.
These are unapologetic slay queens,
Who are crippled by the culture of dependence on men,
The slow ones,
Have hair the amount of one year rent on their head, but owe rent.
Only travel by plane but can’t afford to pay their cab fare,
Carry designer bags with cute purses that have no money in them,
And always have a look of desperation in their eyes.
Generally, they are marked with an unreal sophistication,
And their pictures are carefully manipulated to create an air of perfection.

It’s a time when some Pastors get their anointing from the breasts and backsides of the women in their churches,
When the congregation are more excited about the “man of God” than the One who called the man of God.
Holy Books are manipulated to suit people’s sinful lifestyles,
And carnal men misconstrue the Holy Books and derail millions.
We say,
“God is love
But my religion is the best,
And if you dare argue with me,
I’ll shoot you.”

Generation X,
A dispensation of MONEY.
I mean, at 18 you can be the OLORI EBI if you have enough money.
Because how much you have determines how you are treated by people.
If you are money-filled, then congratulations.
You get exaggerated politeness, praise and respect that you haven’t even earned at all,
And it’s all fake and garish.

In this age,
99% of relationships wouldn’t exist without sex.
And we all clamor for “Freedom of speech”
So we can unapologetically be disrespectful to our elders and be savages.
Because it’s cool to make someone else look stupid.
Somehow, it does something to our already damaged self esteem.

Topsy Turvy
It’s all an inversion of the natural order.
Hence, the chaos we have now.
The reason isn’t far fetched.
Or would you rather walk with your head, while your legs are in the air?


Thank you for reading as always.

Owoeye Jesuloba Grace

IG: @oj_grace.

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  1. An insightful literary text that is highly didactic, nice one to the poet or writer.
    I will be looking forward to your book launch or Anthology of your deep poetical works. Nice one OJ.

  2. Insightful, direct, good reminder for a generation that lacks significant virtue. Welldone

  3. This is cool and defines this generation perfectly. Good work OJG However how can the Topsy Turvy be corrected to be sane and the head will not be walked with instead of the legs.

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