.. we had just concluded our Saturday coaching class in preparation for our common entrance examination. I was in the company of two other friends who lived in the same part of the town with me.

We had barely stepped out of the school compound when it started raining. As young chaps, we saw the rain as an opportunity to explore being wet and so we trekked in the rain as heavy as it was.

As we approached a muddy street, we started walking gently to avoid falling down. There and then, I discovered that my two other friends wore shoes but I wore a pair of slippers.

In no time, my two friends navigated the muddy and slippery terrain with little or no stress because they had shoes on. I tried doing the same but my slippers got stucked in the mud. As I struggled to get my legs moving, I fell flat in the mud.

I regretted wearing slippers in such a situation. A pair of shoes could have saved me the embarrassment.

The same thing applies to life. We will go through some slippery and muddy situations that needs us to be fully kitted and prepared to sail through. We need the smart shoes of faith and a full kit of hope to sail through the muddy waters of life.

Don’t go to the serious battles of life casually. Put on your shoes.


Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

Battle mate : Mohsin Awais

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