In 2012, I needed to get connected to a high profile person in my city to discuss some ideas I had. I knew how people book appointments two months before they can have a five minutes meeting this man.

I had tried all I could to connect him including speaking to some of his close colleagues who were a little bit accessible but all to no avail. I gave up and thought I will never give the idea a consideration again.

On a Saturday evening, I was in an eatery with some friends and behold, the big man I had dreamt of meeting walked in. I cringed. A lot of thoughts raised through my mind. I thought of the embarrassment I would receive if I approach him there. What if he snubs me?.

I summoned courage and thought in myself “a man only die once”. I summoned courage and I approached him on his table. I introduced myself and how I had longed to have an access to him. The man smiled and asked me to join him on his table. Is this a dream or something?.

Long story short, the man not only listened to me, he even took a selfie with me. Note it, he took a selfie with me not I with him. *Laughs*

Friends, face your fears. Be ready to crack. A cracked egg can still become an OMELLETE.


Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

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