Sometimes in February 2013, I bought a book whose title caught my fancy. The design was top notch and the prints were awesomely stylish.

I quickly paid the vendor and dropped the book in my bag with the eagerness of devouring it when I get home. As I opened the book later that evening, the first thing I noticed was that this beautifully designed and pointly titled book was without a table of contents. I am talking about a 300pages book here.

It must have been a mistake on this copy I thought. I called at the shop the following day to change the copy. I was shocked to discover that all the copies were actually made without the table of contents.

A table of contents give direction to the reader on the chapter he or she is interested in per read. It also makes one know what to expect on the pages of the book. How can this beautiful book lack such a direction?

It then occurred to me that many humans are like this beautiful book, they are beautiful and full of potentials but they lack direction.

Many are brilliant but are not purposeful. Many are smart but lacked a definite direction.

A life without a table of contents will either be returned to the vendor or abandoned on the shelf without being read. You know why?

Such a book is dangerous and will be full of surprises asides being boring.

Get a table of contents today dear friend.


Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

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