“They won’t accept me”
“They won’t love me”
“They can’t use me”
“They won’t embrace me”
“They won’t believe in me”

Is it really “they” that you’re talking about or are you imposing on “they” something that’s really coming from you?
God is challenging what you believe in 2018 because what you believe and in whom you believe has everything to do about where you are in your life right now.

You will never get anyone to love , embrace or believe in you till you believe in yourself.
If you were a failure in front of them and you blamed it on “them”, why then do you fail in private and still say it’s “them”.The problem is not coming from what they believe. It’s coming from what you believe.
If you believe that you are unlovable, you will always be unloved.
You can dress up,
You can be cool,
You can smell good,
You can have all the money,
You can have more sex,
But all these things will only camouflage what you truly believe in your heart but your soul wouldn’t still be cured from its unbelief.

As a lady, you can’t get enough people to tell you that you are pretty if you believe in your heart that you are ugly and it might be why you keep needing more stuff. You say, “maybe if I have more money, then I’ll feel good about myself.” Let me do a quick reality check for you, Until you change what you believe about yourself, NOTHING would ever be good enough for you.

What you say you believe about yourself and what you actually believe about yourself are two different things entirely. Many of us are smooth talkers. You’ve been taught how to imitate faith in public but then when we are with ourselves, we live out our unbelief.

“You’re just as crazy as your father”
“You’re as useless as your mother”
“You’re a failure”
“You’re ugly”
“You’re dumb”
Perhaps, your unbelief stems from the fact that you heard these negative words said to you and you believed it. You might have even said that you didn’t believe it but anytime you hit a low point in your life, the voices in your head come back and taunt you.
This unbelief about yourself unknowingly becomes your purpose and your goal, to live out the damnation of the words you rehearsed to yourself.
So, you’re busy trying to get everybody else to believe you are something that you don’t believe you are. You’re busy trying to get everyone to like someone that you don’t like.

You will never be completely whole until you correct the voices inside of your own head and nobody can do this for you. You’ve got to talk to yourself and start believing right. Speak positive things to your life till all the negativity is out because until you start believing in yourself, your opportunities will continue to hemorrhage.
Believing in yourself means that you don’t longer define yourself by your circumstances.
Believe that you can and you will.

2018 is a year of extraordinary turnaround.
Do not miss out by not changing what you believe about yourself.
Believe in yourself!
I believe in you!
Now it’s your turn!

Happy new year everyone and I love you for reading as always❤️

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