Yield or struggle (Part 2)


Mara turned swiftly and smiled.
The man before her was older than she expected but that was not a problem. He was handsome too and looked oddly familiar.
Right now, he looked alarmed. Like he wasn’t sure what to do.
She laughed and juggled her breasts staring at him.
“Are we going to get down to it?
“Or would you stand staring at me all night?”she said as she stared at the rising bulge between his legs.

Tyron shook his head and stared at her.
She looked just like her mother.
“God help me” he muttered quietly.
Summoning courage, he straightened to his full height and hardened his face.
“I’m not here for this” he said eyeing her fully.
Mara sighed. She really was tired and wanted to call it a night.
“Why are you here then?”she said getting angry now.
He walked up to her and whispered in her ears for a long time.
Mara gasped.
Was this really happening?

That night when he left, Mara went downstairs to talk to her best friend, Karyn.
“He said he is my late mother’s uncle” she said, her big eyes welling up in tears.
“And I really believe him, my instincts don’t lie to me, he really wants to help me escape.
Can you believe it?!!!
After all these years, I’m finally going to be free from Madam Susan.” she said dreamily.
Karyn inwardly cursed her.
Every good thing always happened to Mara.
The best customers always went to Mara and now she was going to be finally free.
“I won’t let it happen” she thought angrily.
She smiled at Mara and held her hand.
“You mustn’t go with him!!!”
“You belong here”
“I know it sounds lovely to see how the world looks but you are a filthy thing. Forget all about finding a good man. Just look at you, you’re a bad girl. We are all bad girls. Our place is here.”

When Mara went up to her room later, she had conflicted feelings.
She stared at her reflection for a long time, Karyn’s words ringing in her ears. She knew it was true. She would never find true happiness.
She knew her uncle would be shocked.
But she’d rather face her reality than pursue some useless fantasy.
Just as she dried her tears and climbed into bed, she heard movement at the door.
Madam Susan?
She opened the door and her uncle rushed in talking rapidly.
“I changed my mind, we have to leave now.
No time to waste. Put on your clothes. Everyone’s asleep. I made sure of it. There’s no telling what can happen if we delay till tomorrow. We leave now.”
Mara stared at him defiantly.
“But….” she started thinking about what Karyn said.
“No buts. You could leave here willingly or I tie you up and tape your mouth as I carry you across my shoulder. The choice is yours.”he said angrily.


A week later in a large cottage on the outskirts of CapeTown in South Africa, Tyron Malishiki walked into his balcony where his niece sat enjoying the evening breeze. He handed her a glass of juice and joined her clearing his throat as he sat down.
“You see, Mara
In life, there are yielders and strugglers.
Karyn your friend was an example of a yielder.
And you my dear are a struggler.
As a struggler, you weren’t comfortable with the life you were living.
You wanted more.
So she hated you for wanting to be better. She envied you because you were trying to get out from what she was into and she was determined to make you see that there was no other way.
Thank God I changed my mind and came back that night. Envy could have pushed her to harm you.”

Mara looked up at her uncle inhaling deeply.
“I’m glad you came back too” she said smiling.


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Owoeye Jesuloba Grace

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  1. I can’t just stop been amazed at how you are digging out your write ups and how very articulately the words are put together. May God almighty continue to give you more insight. Can’t wait to read your new episode

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