Yield or Struggle

Arya gathered the remaining strength she had left.
The pain was unbearable.
Madam Susan kept shouting,
“Arya, Push! Push! One more Push! I can see the head!!!!”
She closed her eyes, concentrated and pushed hard screaming.
The last thing she heard was the shrilling cries of her baby.

In the famous brothel-house in Kanshanati, East of Kalabaru, a small town in North Africa, lived a beautiful whore whose name was Mara.
She was the most expensive whore in the brothel and had a room all to herself.

She was the best of the best.
Her eyes were big and brown, her jet black hair flowing all the way to her hips. She had soft, supple skin that shone and a body like that of a goddess.

She had just finished with a rich farmer from a neighboring town and was paid very handsomely.
She got up from the bed, started undressing slowly, ready to take a warm bath and call it a night when she heard a knock on the door.
She frowned.

Madam Susan walked in and smiled proudly when she saw Mara. Mara was her most prized possession.
She cleared her throat when Mara looked at her inquiringly.
“Oh Yes! Mara, I know you’ve closed for the day but the richest man in our town just came in requesting to see you, he’s downstairs as I speak.”
Mara sighed and spoke softly,
” I don’t care if he’s the richest man in the world, I’m tired. The farmer was greedy, he left me spent.”
Madam Susan walked to her and rubbed her shoulders as she spoke.
“Oh Mara! Should I tell him to come back tomorrow?”
Mara laughed. Madam Susan had no intention of telling the richest man to come back tomorrow.
All Madam Susan cared for was money.
“As if you ever would! He can come.”
Madam Susan kissed her fully on the lips beaming.
“Thank you Mara” she said as she walked out hurriedly.
Mara shook her head and shed her remaining clothes.
She stood in front of the long mirror and stared at herself wondering if she’d ever be able to leave the brothel. She’d told Karyn her trusted friend who was also in the brothel but Karyn had laughed and told her it was an impossible feat.
“Was it really impossible?” she thought.

Tyron Malishiki walked in and shut the door behind him softly.
His eyeballs widened and his breath caught when he saw her.
She was magnificent.
“This is going to be harder than I thought” he said to himself as he cleared his throat.



Owoeye Jesuloba Grace

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