Peter was a very witty young man when we met last year. He was literarily this great guy when it comes to using the right words in describing a situation. When he speaks,it sounds like reading Chinua Achebe’s novels in the ear.

I asked him why he didn’t pursue a career in the humanities and literature instead of medicine. He sadly responded that his father forced him to study medicine. I forgot to tell you that Peter is a frustrated doctor who resigned his last job after 3months to rethink his life.

Peter is like many of us.He could have been in his best state if we had left him to be white rice that can be enjoyed with correct fish stew. We wanted him to be a Celebrated Jollof because that is what the society counts as an achievement. Now that he has become a badly cooked jollof,it may not be too easy to make him into white rice again.

Imagine the number of people that would have enjoyed him white in the 7years he spent becoming a jollof.

Let them remain WHITE and be impactful rather than be a frustrated JOLLOF.


Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

Picture: Pearl Asiedu and Lily Asiimwe were contemplating if I am a white rice or a Jollof

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  1. Life is more meaningful to do what we love and its never too late to start afresh! Well said Oluwaseun…

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