Collins wears the blouse and wrapper in his “home”.
His wife, Chinwe, is the spoilt daughter of billionaire business mogul, Chief Richard Obi.
He does all the house chores while his wife parties all day.
He has no say, since his “home” is one of the many duplexes his father-in-law owns.
Chinwe doesn’t even want a child.
“It would mess up my figure eight” she says.
It’s 10 years now and Collins has stayed.
He’s too scared of his father-in-law to leave her.

Omotola was born a drama queen.
Yes, I don’t mean that literally.
She has great potential of becoming a Grammy award winning actress.
She has one other problem though
Sleep is her life.
She knows it’s her one weakness
“But what can I do about it” she says as she changes her position on the bed and drifts off to sleep again.

“Beulah, there’s a job opportunity for you,
It’s all you’ve ever wanted. You can intern for a while and since you’re so good at coding, I’m pretty sure you’d be retained,
Just check it out!” Tiffany says as she pleads with her best friend.
“Oh wow, okay I’ll try,
Let go of my hand, will you?” Beulah replies as they giggle.
That night, Beulah sighed as she thought about how hurt and disappointed Tiffany would be.
Anything that might push her out of her comfort zone, which happens to be her small house and MacBook, absolutely terrifies her.
Thousand and one opportunities have come and gone , simply because she was too scared to make a move.
In her defense, she says
“What if it doesn’t work?”
And completely shuts down the little voice in her head that says,
“What if it works out?”

Theo is an angry little man.
He walks into his house every night looking for an excuse to hit his wife.
Yesterday, when she said she was tired,
He slapped her so hard even his hand hurt,
And forcefully had his way with her.
Neighbors and friends have talked to him
He simply says,
“I have a reason to be like this,
My father was like this”

2018 is upon us and we won’t jeopardize our chances of winning just because we are too afraid to leave bad relationships.
We would not give laziness a chance to rob us of our happiness and dreams. No! We would wake up early and think and plan and do.
We will use fear as a propeller to greatness and always imagine ” what if it works?” instead of “what if I fail?”
We would become inverse paranoids and always be optimistic as we step out of our comfort zones
and plant ourselves in something bigger than us, rather than the little tea cups we’ve been used to.
We would pursue that life we’ve always wanted and take conscious efforts each day to do something that brings us yet a little closer to it.

We won’t make excuses for bad behaviours and keep justifying our reason to stay angry and stubborn. We would let bitterness out and allow forgiveness cleanse us.
For we expect God to forgive us when we trespass against Him as much as we forgive those who trespass against us.

It is imperative that we take an inward look, do an honest self evaluation and examine what and what stopped us from winning as we ought to this in 2017.

It’s not the things you did right
That make you strong or wise or informed.
Rather, it’s the things that you did wrong
And if you don’t learn to admit that you did wrong
You never learn the lesson intended for you from your mistakes
And you can’t grow.
When you can’t grow,
You keep getting into the same mistakes.
Or worse.
Till it seems like you are “doing” time
Despite the fact that you aren’t physically incarcerated.
We must not do time in 2018.
God help us.


Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance. 🎄 😁 

Thank you and I love you for reading. ☺ 


Owoeye Jesuloba Grace.

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  1. Thanks so much for this moral booster. The message is for me and I grab it in all sincerity of heart.

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