PERMIT ME TO FAIL (letter to perfectionists)

Dear perfectionists

I regret to inform you that you are not relating with a superhuman. I know it will break your heart but it is better to break to your heart than to break my life with your pressure.

If I could remember very well, I was conceived in the flesh just like you. The blood that runs in my body is not yellow, it is red like yours.

I want to humbly request sir that the next time I fail at a task, do not make me feel like I have got a bad life. My failures in the past taught me strenght and skills that I have today.

I had written poorly with bad english before. I once spoke a bad sentence in english in an office and I was chased out just because of that. I once failed O level examination with dignity. I once poured salt in the yam being prepared for pounded yam and many other silly mistakes. All these made me who I am today.

Please permit me to fail sir if it is making me a better person.

Yours in Failing forward

David Adepoju

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