That night, Emenike took me to planets I didn’t know existed. Ten months later, we welcomed our first son, Chukwudi. My husband was overjoyed. Within the next three years, we had Obinna and a girl, which we named Ogechukwukanma. (God’s time is the best).
Emenike was a good father. The children couldn’t wait for him to be back when he went to fight in neighboring towns or whenever he went hunting. I think I bored them. He, however always had interesting tales to tell them and always brought gifts for them.
He usually came back home with a shot antelope or some other animal slung over his shoulder and his hunting equipments in another hand, smiling broadly when he saw me. Since the night he consummated our marriage, he had not been able to keep his hands off me. He cupped my ass if I passed him on my way to the kitchen, bit my ear softly and when I proceeded to protest about his carelessness, he shut me up with a kiss that always made me forget what I wanted to say. My Emenike was insatiable.
When Oge was seven years old, the King summoned all the fighters in the town and told them about the new wicked King in Umuazi, a neighboring village who wanted to overthrow our own village, Umokoro. The fighters were told to get ready as they were going to fight the next market day.
Emenike came home excited that evening. He rushed inside the house calling,
“Naza’m!!!” “Naza’m!!!!!!”
“I’m in the room my love” I called back.
He entered into our room beaming with his favorite sword in his hand. He kissed my forehead and settled on the bed, polishing the sword.
“I’m going to capture Umuazi tomorrow with the other men. We will show them that Umukoro might be small, but we are brave and fearless.”
“When do you leave?” I asked.
“Tomorrow. I’d be back in two market days.” he said without looking up.
“Emenike, do you have to go?”
I heard him sigh.
He dropped his sword and walked up to me, gently laying aside the sweater I was knitting.
“Naza, I am a fighter, It’s who I am. Stop feeling this way anytime I have to go. I need your support and encouragement so that I can conquer and return home.”
“Promise me you will return” I said pressing my head against his.
“I promise” he said.
He laughed and kissed me with an intensity that saw us landing on the beds and giggling like a newly-wed couple.

“Daddy buy me many nice things when you return.” Oge said as she jumped into Emenike’s arms and kissed his eyes, nose and mouth. I had to smile despite my sadness.
“He isn’t going to the market. He’s going to fight” Chukwudi said ,irritated.
Emenike threw Oge high above repeatedly, making her laugh uncontrollably.
“I’ll buy you nice things, my princess.”he said, putting her down.
He hugged the boys and rubbed their heads.
“My world , I’ll be back soon.”
“I’ll be waiting Emenike. I love you.”I said, sniffing.
“I will never get used to this” I thought.
“I love you more Naza.”he said as he ran off to join the other fighting men.

To be continued…


Owoeye Jesuloba Grace.

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