My twelve-year old brain went through a paradigm shift about a female’s behind when Sister Khadijah, my older sister’s best friend came to live with us at Kano for a month before she was to resume at Bayero University in Kano.
My own sister, Sister Halima was still attending JAMB lessons after failing woefully in the past three years.
“Walahi you are a disgrace!!!”
“Don’t touch that tv! That is all you know how to do”
“If you could pass your exams like you know how to eat , you should have been married by now”
My mum and dad made the house hell for my sister and so she was hardly home except to sleep to avoid them.

Sister Khadijah was everyone’s favorite in the house. She was tall, dark and slim up to her waist.
She had unbelievable hips and a gigantic backside that made even Alhaji my father stare anytime she walked past.
She always wore free dresses and her long hijab but all these did little to conceal the gift that God had so generously dealt with her.

I adored her.
And she knew it, even if she always feigned ignorance. I always tried to comport myself and the lustful thoughts I always had of her because she was 7years older than I was; although I had a big stature for my age.

Fortunately for me, the golden opportunity came when my parents travelled to Jigawa to meet with some relatives.
They had told us they would be back early the following day.
Sister Halima didn’t come home that night.
So it was Sister Khadijah and I alone in the house .
At around 9pm, I knocked on the door of her room with my New General Mathematics textbook in my sweaty palms.
“Malik is that you?” She called.
“Yes, can I come in?”

I walked in and stopped abruptly midway as I stared at her.
She had only a short wrapper tied on her body and she had clearly just had her bath judging from her wet body…

She threw her head backwards and laughed till tears rolled from the corners of her eyes when she saw the surprised look on my face.
“What do you want Malik?”
“Ermm, I….. I waa…sss was wondering if you could teach us..sorry ….me Maths” I stammered as I extended the textbook.
“Eihhh… Yowa. I will teach you Maths all right” she said amidst laughter.
She got up and pulled me to the bed. Her wrapper was threatening to lose but she didn’t even seem to notice.
“Is this Sister Khadijah?” I wondered to myself.

She opened the very first page of my textbook and started teaching. She was very smart but I was too excited about what might happen to listen to what she was saying. Five minutes later, she closed the book and pouted.
“You aren’t listening.”she said
“Oh I’m sorry it’s just that…”
“Just that what?”
I looked away and knew this was the moment to make my move. But I was too scared. My heart was pounding and even my stomach had begun to make funny sounds.
She touched my left thigh and I visibly shook.
She laughed and got down from the bed.
At this moment , the wrapper came off and my hands flew to my mouth to stifle my scream.
I stared at her.
She was beautiful.

She was magnificent.

“Malik, are you a man”
I snapped out of my shyness and licked my lips
“Eeh!!! Walahi I’m a man” I said aloud as I beat my chest.
“Yowa! Then be a man”

She reached for my trousers even as I grabbed the back cheeks and closed my mouth around her left nipple and sucked.
She moaned loudly and started talking about how she knew we were always going to do this from the first day she came to the house.
I pulled back to step out of my trousers which she had successfully released.
She beamed when she saw how big I was.

“You are really a man”

She pressed me down on the bed then climbed atop me.

I just couldn’t think anymore as I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I had come here just to kiss her at most and here I was pinned to the bed about to lose my virginity.

She kissed me and I responded with a deadly hunger even as she lowered herself onto me and began moving slowly.

Stars began to dance in my eyes.
And I held on to her like she was my life.
This was it!!!!
She picked up the pace and began moving at a dangerous speed.

I was grunting loudly and had reached planet Mars when we both heard urgent knocks.

The door of the room opened and I saw my parents.

Sister Khadijah screamed.

I fainted….


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  1. It’s only if he passes onto glory, into aljana. If not he’ll still get a whooping slap when he’s conscious. The type that takes him directly visiting all other planets.

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