On Becoming: The truth about life

Life isn’t a bed of roses. It certainly isn’t like cracking a cold one with the boys too, most importantly and perhaps controversially, it isn’t a game of improvement.

Very controversial, hmm? But it is true. When we think of improvement, we think of something linear, something that moves from point A to B gradually, and that’s due to our formative years. When we were children; our imagination, creativity and inquisitive nature was almost insatiable, and this led to a massive growth of knowledge and understanding of the world every year. This trend followed us into ‘young’ adulthood as our skills and talents also rapidly grew.

Adulthood however has proven to be radically different because we’ve been able to find something we feel we are really good at. This has led us to invest considerable time, effort and mental energy into honing that specialty of ours. We find out then that life isn’t about improvement anymore, it is about trade-offs.

While I am primarily a writer, the better part of my formative years have prepared me to be who I am today. Now imagine if I decide to add financial accounting to my professional repertoire, you might argue that I am “improving” myself, but think of the hours, give or take that I have to put in to even become a competent financial person would force me to give up the other opportunities I have to be better at what I do.

The 1000 odd hours I have to put into becoming competent in finance can be put to better use in learning more about how to become a better writer. Maybe even finally write my first book (insert sigh), or gain more knowledge in my niche.

It is good to stretch yourself, but don’t bite more than you can chew. Stay true to yourself, stay in your lane. Trade-offs can either be good or bad, but when we think of expanding ourselves by “improving,” we will almost certainly fall into the trap of losing considerable time in actually getting better at what we do.


Do not bite more than you can chew. Stay true to yourself.

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