“I felt a hand grab my butt and a giant foot step on my toes ; oh gosh it hurts so badly, but this wasn’t the time to feel pain.”

I had just spent over an hour at the bus stop waiting for a bus to get to Oshodi with about 40 other frustrated people and when a bus finally arrived, it was like World War III!
I elbowed my way into the bus, finally as I sat and adjusted my wig which was almost coming off my head, the bus started to move until I realized that I was in a fix. I was unfortunately squeezed in between two fat women. I looked  at the one at my right and immediately looked away…. Her baby starts to cry and in a swift move which made me think she didn’t even hook her bra; she brought out her enormous right breast and slaps it in the baby’s face and the baby immediately kept quiet and sucked greedily.

I glanced at my left and felt sorry for this pregnant woman who was sweating and looking like she wanted to cry. Her back side was too big for her own good… “Pregnancy must be kind to the backside, there’s hope for me ” I said to myself and looked straight ahead.
Outside, the traffic is great and it suddenly starts to rain heavily. I saw the tiny windows in the bus being shut and prayed a silent prayer.

“Dying from suffocation isn’t the way I want to die Lord“

I tried to relax and take my mind off my situation but I felt knees jutting into my behind , I looked back angrily. The man directly at my back was sleeping and drooling already. He was slopping down in his seat and I just wanted to cut off his legs. So I got irritated and hit him. He woke up in a start.
“Please sit up! Your knees are disturbing”
“Oh I’m sorry” he says and sits up.
Five minutes later, I felt the discomfort again. I looked back and this time he’s even got a twisted smile on his face as he slept his sorrows away. I couldn’t bring myself to wake him up again so I just left him. The bus moved slowly along and just when I thought the lack of air and the stench of sweaty bodies was the worst thing that could happen to me,
A man at the back seat clears his throat..
” Hello my brothers and sisters, As you can see the world is coming to an end…. Hellfire is real… REPENT!!!!!!…..”
I heard several people hiss. I just sighed and listened. There wasn’t much to do especially since my phone battery was low.

To be Continued…



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