These days, I don’t sleep well at night.
I’m always filled with anxiety.
My food also doesn’t digest well.
People around me complain of my mood swings and temper tantrums.
I’m not really happy.
And I don’t have peace also.
My head is all over the place.
You see,
I want to get married
Tomorrow is my friend Amara’s engagement
I and Amara went to the same secondary school and university and she’s hooked now.
Next Saturday, its Sophie’s baby shower
Sophie is my best friend

I wanna be happy for her but I’m sad
But she doesn’t know

My boyfriend of 3 years won’t propose…
Even though the Amala I cook for him these days is usually in the form of a ring
I even bought him a ring once and told him to buy me one too
And he said “What for?”
That night I cried myself to sleep…


I work over-time
Above time
Under time
Side time
On time
In time
Anything to get me this promotion at work…
My wife complains that I don’t spend any time with her and the kids
Women… what do they know?
I work 7 days a week
24 hours in a day…
I have to
I came out with a better grade than Lanre my olodo friend in school and he is just been promoted at his company and earning millions a month…
When he told me, I didn’t know I opened my mouth agape in astonishment
Until he looked at me quizzically and asked
“Aren’t you happy for me?”
I quickly closed my mouth
And congratulated him though I wished to the heavens it was me…
I MUST have this promotion o


Skinny people wish they could add weight
Fat people wish they could take weight off
The teenagers can’t wait to grow old
And the old wish they could go back to being kids…
Single people wanna get married
And the married ones wish they were single…

Day in , day out
We are all wishing….
“I wish I had eyes like yours”
“I wish I had a husband like yours”
“I wish I had kids like yours”
“I wish I had money like you”

“I’m pretty but my nose is too big”
“I’m rich but I don’t have a husband”

You have never loved yourself for who you are…
You’ve never appreciated the way you were created…
And you’ve never been truly happy…


Your lust for other things can choke you, abort your destiny for as long as you allow the spirit of covetousness to drive you over the edge, making you believe that everyone else has it going better for them.
Till your anthem is
I wish
I wish
I wish
Robbing you of your peace and happiness…

STOP wanting what other people have.
You don’t know what’s going on in that school, home, marriage, relationship, job.
It is the seduction of the enemy that devalues what you have in your eyes so that you don’t appreciate what God did in your life and you cancel out your blessings by lusting after other things and choking your destiny.

The easiest way to cancel out Lust For Other Things and get back your peace and happiness is by Gratitude.
Gratitude will liberate you.

Be grateful today…
For your brain..
Your age..
Your stage…
Your family…
Your nose…
Your backside…
Your feet…

For everything.

Thank you for reading and remember,  I love you for reading ☺ 


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