Dating a married man is a very controversial topic but I would try my best to touch the topic from different perspectives.

A married man is a man who has a wife and most times the married man dates a young girl who is even young enough to be his daughter.
Note;I am not supporting married men or trying to encourage young girls dating married men.I am just a writer .Thank you

—Society approves it
We live in a society where if two married people are caught cheating the man would be free to go while the married woman might even be stoned to death. We believe men are superior to women so it makes it convenient for a married man to go out with a young lady. They even go to parties, clubs, vacations and so on and they do not feel ashamed.


Poverty has risen in Nigeria with almost 100million people living on less than $1(#360) a day(according to BBC).

The truth is most of the young girls you see dating married men are suffering from poverty and therefore use this as an excuse to date these men. They see it as a means to earn a living or get money to live a good life. They know their parents can not afford all the luxuries they desire but they are greedy and always want to get those things. They see dating a married man as a source of income and some of them even take the money home to take care of their parents who are blind folded with poverty and can not reject the gifts.

—Experience is the best teacher
If only young boys can learn some tips from their daddies. A married man already has a woman at home, so he knows the right things to say,right place to touch ,right place to go and so on. I have heard young ladies say married men are better sexually because they have more experience. Some married men even talk to the lady about her future and shares his experience about life with her. A married man would most likely be richer than an average young man just starting up. So, the married man spends more on the girl than the young guy can afford.

—Daddy Issues
As a young girl, I grew up loving my dad and I always seek his approval in anything I want to do. I always do my best to make him proud. The father-daughter love was unparalleled.

Some young ladies dating married men see the man they are dating as a father figure and want to be loved and accepted by him. They give them respect like their dad at home and love them like their daddy. This sometimes happens as a result of such girls growing up without that “fatherly touch”. No proper father-daughter connection, due to his absence or other family issues.  So, when she gets such attention outside, she’s most definitely going to fall for it and of course this ends up being an excuse to date married men.


—Bad Marriage
Truthfully, some married men have good reasons for cheating . Yes! they do lets not deceive ourselves. Some women become extremely non-challant about a lot of things after getting into marriage. The housewfe becomes lazy after one kid, gains 20kg, can’t even dress sexy or smell nice and so on; even in a case where she has well enough resources to look good for her husband. Most women think after marriage the man is automatically going to stay with her forever. No he can’t stay at home if the house is not good enough for him, he goes out to seek solace somewhere else. A wife that cannot prepare a nice meal for her husband is only subjecting him to the claws of young ladies out there who are ready to give him all kinds of nice meals, including the bedroom meal.

The average young girl makes her hair at least every three weeks, gets her nails done, always neatly shaved, smells nice, cute makeup on and so on. You might not be able to do all that but make an effort. Also brush yourself up and do not give him a reason to cheat on you. Welcome him home with a smile on your face not nagging, massage him when he is tired and care for him.


—Peer Pressure
Pressure can be from the married man’s friend or the young lady’s friends. The young lady wants to be like her friends who live in luxury,so she gets attracted to their way of life and wants to be like them. As a married man you do not want to be seen as a weakling among your friends so the next time you are going to a club you make sure you take a young lady with you. Do not be pressurised into what you do not want, if you feel your friends are not right for you stay away from them and be a better person. The friends you keep can either have a negative or positive influence on you. Choose wisely!


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