The Eleventh Fashion Show is organized by the Event department of Jt Angies Emporium Ltd. Our maiden show was birth to commensurate the celebration of our 10th Year Anniversary and also to launch an Entertainment Platform hence, our very first Show “The Eleventh Fashion Show” (TEFS) and also the Launch of our modeling Agency -Jt Angies Models And Management.

My names are Angela O. Thomas and am the last of 4 children and I have always been passionate about business. Right from when I was a kid I have always dreamt of owning an empire. I went through school and right after my university I opted to go for further trainings in the things I was most passionate about…since I was very handy from when I was a kid (took after my dad in this area) and loved to draw and create things I decided to go for a course in interiors, event planning and management, Business development …just to mention a few. The interesting thing is that I started my first business at the age of 14years and that was when I labeled my products “ Jt Angies Creations”, so un officially my company is actually 28yrs old and officially now 11yrs old in Nigeria. My passion drove me this far and puts food on the table and much more. This passion birth the company and all its departments and the company also has an Academy and has produced great and successful students who now run their own Empires….i love to teach and impacting Knowledge is a huge passion for me.

The Company Jt Angies Emporium Ltd as mentioned above is now 11years Old, the company has different departments, the departments are as follows; Real Estate and Facility Management, Event Planning and Management, Interior Décor and Designs, Travels, Tours and Logistic, Jt Angies Academy and lastly the modeling agency (which is just a year old and was birth solely because of TEFS and a whole other reason that will be discussed another day).

The Eleventh Fashion Show is aimed at providing a platform for creative designers to display their art and equal opportunity to models to showcase their talents, boosting their confidence.
Its also an opportunity for young designers and models to express the glamour of our culture through style.
TEFS is an apt event to promote youth and thus contributing to or goal as an organization.
TEFS also aims at providing awareness for upcoming talents in other areas such as music and also through the exhibition of products and goods


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