On Becoming: The non-truth about more

We need to understand something about life. The most important question you might ever ask yourself is why am I doing what I am doing? Better still, why do I do what I do? The ‘Why’ is significantly more important that the ‘What’ or the ‘How’ because the ‘Why’ is about purpose and reason. It reaches deeper into a place of essence than something seemingly superficial.

There is more to life. This is very true. There is always a better, richer and more improved version of yourself and the things around you. But, for the love of all things known and unknown; let us assume for the briefest of moments that the concept of more is fundamentally flawed? Why do we find it somewhat difficult to attain ‘more?’ Maybe, just maybe we’ve been going on about it the wrong way. We find out that when we focus on self-aggrandizement, more will never be enough. There will always be something or someone better than us, and to be more means to be better than the other person. This is because improvement doesn’t necessarily translate to fulfillment.

This is the mistake we make when we think of more. We focus on the marginal gains that keep us sane which makes the next level become a place of discontent and not a place of content, because when you get there, you find there is yet another mountain to climb and to remain relevant you have to keep climbing.

What this is is not the desire to be the better version of oneself, but to be the better version of the image of competition that has been conjured up to deflect the truth from reality. Self-intimidation; ‘If only I can have his six-pack,’ ‘If only I can have her Brazilian weave:’ then you start to push harder, to work harder, to do everything harder. This is even pushes some people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do, yet there is no inkling of fulfillment, and you find yourself chasing the wind because you’re not living life on your terms but on the tails of someone else, even without the person knowing it.

More is fulfillment. More is staying true to your essence. More is staying true to you. More is giving yourself to something bigger than you. More is being the best version of you, rather than the next rate version of someone else.

You are more and you are enough.

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