“Chioma!!!”I undo my tie as soon as I step into the sitting room. And I wonder why my wife hasn’t come to welcome me.
“Chioma!!! Where is this bastard now?” This woman just liked me shouting anyhow and this often made me angry.
I hear some movements around the kitchen and I knew she must be there. Only God knew why she wasn’t answering me.
“Chioma!!! Are you deaf?My husband is back home from work My heart begins to race
I wipe my sweaty palms on my apron
And wait

As I approach the kitchen
I notice how she tenses up
As she senses my arrival
I reach her and hold her close from behind
Pressing her behind to my groin
She’s so soft
Blood immediately rushes to my lower region
I spin her around roughly
And smile
I love this woman
Just like a docile lamb
She permits everything that I do to her
Well, she would not even dare hesitate
Not with my different weapons of correction

“Welcome home how was work?”
He ignores my question as he spins me around to face him
I wince in pain and sigh
Since he assaulted me yesterday just because his colleagues at work were discussing anal sex and he couldn’t contribute, I’ve been in agony
“Your food is ready…. Should I serve it now?”
He doesn’t answer again but I see his eyes roving all over my body
“Oh no”

I need to have her
Right here in the kitchen
I turn her over sharply
And bend her back against the kitchen counter
So her beautiful ass is shooting towards me
She’s begging already now
Her pleas fuel my desire
And I lift up her skirt and tear out her panties

“Please Charles…. I’m still hurt” I plead.
He won’t listen
I’m hysterical now
He’s got me pinned down firmly
I can’t let him keep doing this to me
I look around for something I can use to hurt him
Luckily, my eyes spot a shiny silver knife
He’s too busy unzipping his pants to notice what I’m doing
I gently grab the knife




Written by-
Owoeye Jesuloba Grace
IG- @oj_grace

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