The assistant boyfriend: 10 signs that shows you’re one.

Call it love, lust or obsession, one thing is certain; your thoughts are being clouded by a lady who totally seems flawless to you. While you’re giving her boyfriend treatment, you’re getting peanuts in return. Worry not, this injustice ends today! Below are signs that you’re the assistant boyfriend.


  1. You’re the hangout buddy: with you she can have a good time with little or no expense paid. So you become the hangout buddy she always wants to hang out with.
  1. You’re the go-to-guy: All hail the problem solving general!! That’s who you’re. You find out you’re the one she hits up whenever she has problem with technical stuffs, technological devices, assignments, projects and things beyond her capabilities. You helped her get that antivirus out of your affection for her, but truly you’re being used.

Why Girls Never Want Nice Guys.

  1. You become the nagging partner: It’s certainly not chauvinistic to say women are fond of nagging. This is mostly due to their affection for us and insecurities. When you find yourself complaining about everything, like attention, her emotional distant nature,  her attitude and her behaviour, there’s a 98% chance you’re the assistant boyfriend especially when she never complains about you.
  1. Little or no physical intimacy: 90% of the time, the assistant boyfriend never gets to eat the cookie. It’s either just first base (kissing) only, 2nd base (kissing and smooches) but never the third base. On worse scenarios the assistant boyfriend doesn’t even have a whiff of any form of physical intimacy.

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  1. She makes you jealous: It’s bad enough she sees other guys but when she robs it in your face, tells you about dates she went on, and other guys, it’s definitely not fair on you. Yet she still comes back to you for girlfriend privileges.

  1. She sees other guys: whether known to you or unknown to you. She’s definitely seeing other guys and probably having sex with them. While you’re probably committed to her, she has unresolved emotions for an ex or some other guys.
  1. She blows hot and cold: some days she’s warm, touchy and all over you, other days she’s just cold and moody. This is definitely not mood swings. It’s because not only are her feelings (if at all there’s any) for you are complicated, she’s also unsure of them.
  1. Only misses you when you start to pull away: You’re definitely being led on if every time you start to pull away she suddenly expresses interest or commits more. And as her assistant boyfriend, she definitely doesn’t want to miss out on the benefits she gets from you, so she suddenly becomes more interested whenever it seems like she’s losing her grip on you.


  1. She avoids having conversations about your relationship: Someone who is unwilling to have conversations about where a relationship is going may be avoiding it because they’re worried they don’t want the same things as you and they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Although there are such variations as friends with benefits or kissing buddies, thus it’s likely you’re the one just tripping or wanting more than you were initially offered
  1. Everybody thinks you’re dating but deep down you know you’re not: She flirts with you, goes out on dates with you, but doesn’t give the relationship a name. Both of you might be intensely attracted to each other, but she still calls you a good friend even as all your friends wonder what’s going on?!


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