Run Your Race

Success is not by chance.

Each day births new opportunities, new beginnings, new frontiers, but these are mostly drowned out by the noise we also wake up to.

What are the thoughts that come to your mind when you first wake up in the morning? If you’re like me and everyone else, and if you’re not lying to yourself, one of such thoughts is ‘I have to make it in life,’ and with that thought, you hurriedly jump out of the bed, and in a frenetic pace you set out to go to work or to make your daily living.

On the road is another different case entirely; you see people clutching to their steering wheels and refusing to allow another person cut in ahead of them as if when that happens, the entire road will be filled up. You even see 3 pedestrians struggle to enter an empty bus that can sit over 20 people.

We live in a fast paced world and for us to keep up, we have to be as fast or even faster because if we aren’t we just might get left behind.

We find that things that matter yesterday are almost irrelevant today, and might go extinct tomorrow. All of this can stir up negativity, and sometimes they do stare up negativity.

In the midst of all these unpleasantness, we might struggle to keep our feet planted firmly on the ground. We might even lose our ways, and resign to the dictates of life because there really isn’t time to break free from our daily routine.

What’s to do then?

Hakuna Matata. It mean’s don’t worry.

Do not worry if things are not working out exactly like you planned. Do not worry if it seems your peers are ahead of you. So what if Dele drives a Bentley or Yetunde just got married to her bae? They are on their path of life, not yours.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve hit rock bottom or doors have closed. What matters is that you climb that rock and open those doors, because that’s how they work.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fallen, what matters is how many times you rise.

So, do not worry about tomorrow; really, there is only so much you can do to change it. Focus on today. Focus magnifies. Focus on the good things that happen to you. Focus on the things you can do today to possibly change the outcome of tomorrow.

Success is not by chance. It is deliberate, and it comes to those to who live with intent in spite of all the negativity swirling around them.

Dare to live with intent.

Dipe Oluwatobi ‘Shane’ is a writer and the Responsibility Officer at the Yetunde Bernard Company who spends most of his days in the peace and solitude his mind has to offer. His works explore the reconciliation of ideologies with realities and how they bring out the best in a life of fulfillment. He seeks to help individuals live a life of responsibility, consciousness and intent.

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