So you saw this damn hot picture of @Vanessa_xy on your social media feed and you just feel without getting to know her, you can’t be complete; so you decide to send her a DM. The outcome might be negative but when it comes out positive, it’s always worth it and rewarding because it really gets down in the DM!!!

 For those that are not that conversant with the social media language, DM simple means direct message which is an enabled feature on most social media platforms. It’s your private and direct assess to get that lady’s contact and to do it right, here are some dos and don’ts that will make you slide into her dm without bruises


1. Don’t be creepy: Women are always victims of creeps, perverts and weird guys. So whenever they get a DM they’re cautious and they start an evaluation process. So don’t make crazy remarks, odd remarks, perverted remarks or send messages that will make her wonder who ties your shoe laces.

2. Ask open ended questions: in the early stages, you certainly want to ask open ended questions that she has to reply to. Because if you leave her with just statements or remarks, she will probably be confused on how to reply or not be compelled to reply at all.

3. Don’t sound like a stalker: So you’ve gone FBI on her and you have some background info about her, it will best if you keep them to yourself. Telling her about the number of siblings she has, what she does for a living, the place she was a day before, will only put you on her creep radar. Chat with her like you you’re meeting her for the first time and any info you get from her should be regarded as a new discovery.

4. Be fun and interesting: You want to get someone interested in you? Be witty, be funny, be mysterious, be creative, be unique. You shouldn’t make getting to know her seem like a chore and you need not to be too serious that you end up being a bore.

5. Don’t come up too sexual: Yes we know it’s that sexy ass that got your attention. She probably knows this too and loves when guys admire her assets. Yet you don’t need to drop sexual comments so early or send messages that are raw and canal. It’s a turnoff.

6. Don’t give her your resume: Want to have a great laugh? Visit a cute girl’s inbox. You’ll read direct messages of guys stating their accomplishments, educational background, jobs, career goals etc. The list is endless. You’re not sending a proposal and it’s not an employment interview. Just be natural

7. Don’t sound desperate: We know your balls are itching for some action or you’re probably love starved. Still don’t let your desperation be too obvious. Not only can a girl smell desperation a mile afar, your desperation will also make you say things that are turn offs.

8. Be precise: yes be fun, be interesting, try to make her laugh. But don’t send epistles that will kil the conversation.

9. Stay on course: She knows it, you know it, everybody knows it. The main reason why you sent her a DM is to get to know her better and get her contact. So don’t wonder off the subject. Seal the deal!

10. Don’t expect too much: Yes, she didn’t reply, yes she didn’t give you her contact or she was unnecessarily cold. All these can happen and it’s mostly no fault of yours. She’s the one that lost out on a great guy. So DM the next pretty Lady, but be sure they’re not friends.


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