AFRI-GOLD : The Golden Beauty of Africa

True African beauty is about taking pride in your own body. In Africa the big phenomena is about being curvaceous. Thus, implying your sensuality as a woman.

 Also, African beauty is captured through the ethnic traditions that emphasize how one should embrace the human form with body adornment and ornamentation.

AfriGold is a representation of the Golden beauty of Africa. She celebrates a woman’s curvy yet voluptuous figure. The very essence of this body art is “life-affirming, transforming, spontaneous, and a signature of being alive”. It also displays an imprinted message emerging from various patterns, motifs and designs in all gold form on the body. This message convey availability, status, and positions. Africa should be embraced and celebrated in a golden way as its beauty depicts.
  • Photography by: Babalola Joseph I.  For; J.K.Studios
 [ INSTAGRAM – @jk.studios ]
  • Body Painting by: Olawuyi Samuel; For; Olawuyi Samuel Art 
[ INSTAGRAM – @samsleeky ]
  • Published by: Solabi Akinyemi; For TrendsExpress Media Network
[ INSTAGRAM@olutimileyin_ ]

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