Shun Vengeance to cleanse the world

Written by Gaphar, Wasiu Olasunkanmi.

Over time, I’ve learnt that taking vengeance is a drastic hindrance to progress and therefore outrightly unnecessary. Though, because I’m human, I haven’t been able to follow the rhythm of forgiveness a 100%, I still testify to the fact that forgiveness is a stepping stone to higher grounds.
Because every man is soaked in the lust of his desires and self satisfaction, it has become incumbent on you and I to paddle in such a manner that cleanses us of the filth surrounding our worlds, one of which is the desire to take vengeance.

In a closer scrutiny at the act of vengeance, it is perceived that it doesn’t exactly bring about the satisfaction that entices a man to it, rather vehemence is a likely result. This is because evil isn’t a currency anyone wants to exchange and therefore isn’t numerically quantifiable. Once a proposed victim in the act of vengeance is resilient, one readily becomes a double loser. To quench the loser’s thirst for victory, the drive for a more mutilating act is triggered in his nerves. This drive kicks off his search for the wrath he never wants to experience in reality. If “fortunately”, his victim is vulnerable, he becomes a self-accclaimed victor. But then, his victory is that which hunts him, that which he’s not proud to flaunt to the world, that which belittles him, even to his own self. Of what good is a victory one doesn’t want to be called out for because he isn’t ostentatious about it?

Let’s all take cogitation and reflect on the above. Vengeance promotes vehemence and intensity which keep the little world we live in contaminated. Even the Books have condemned the act from time immemorial. Keeping a soft spot in one’s heart for the next man is a major way to waive the desire to take vengeance. It brings about tolerance and clemency when things fall apart. The moment forgiveness and leniency becomes our watchword, the world begins its journey to the sterility that we have craved!

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