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Hidden Figures is a movie based on a true story of three black women who made history and worked on the project that launched man into space in the United States of America. The main characters in the movie are Taraji P. Henson who played the role of Katherine G. Johnson, Janelle Monae who played the role of Mary Jackson and Octavia Spencer who played the role of Dorothy Vaughan. Here are a few lessons I was able to draw from the three characters in the movie ‘’hidden figures’’.
Katherine G. Johnson….started out as a widow with the three beautiful girls, she happened to be a genius in mathematics she could be likened to be a working calculator who could solve complex equations as fast as possible… I was able to see the great qualities she portrayed in the movie. She was the best at what she was doing, she was the ONLY one who could compute analysis on analytical geometry and because she was the best in that field even though she was a coloured woman  she was still sought after. she was tenacious and diligent in her work even though she had to run half a mile to ease herself, even though her colleagues treated her like an outcast she wasn’t intimidated by any one of them she still did her job effectively. She always stepped forward, she did everything to get the job done, she could defend her work and wasn’t afraid of rejection. She was hardworking; she worked long and hard she went the extra mile even when her colleagues had called it a day she was still working. She put her name on her work instead of allowing paul to take all the credit for her work. Even when the computer was later introduced she was still required to confirm what the computer had calculated because she had proven herself and her work could be trusted.

Mary Jackson….. a B.Sc holder in Mathematics and physical sciences who as assigned to work on the prototype of the space capsule, she was challenged by her boss to apply for the post of an engineer because she had an engineer’s mind, she applied for the job and discovered that for her to qualify for the post she had to take extra courses at a university that only admitted whites but that didn’t stop her, she went to get a court date to plead her case, she pleaded her case in the most unconventional way (oh I love that part) she wanted so bad to be the first at something great irrespective of her colour and even the judge couldn’t deny her, she didn’t let her husband stand in her way as well. She went on to make history as the first female aeronautical engineer at NASA.

Dorothy Vaughan….. She didn’t mind the fact that she was doing a supervisor’s job without even accorded the title she still went ahead with her job, she had such an appetite for knowledge she went to the library to pick up books to enlighten herself on programming, she didn’t keep that knowledge to herself she shared it with her girls as well, they were prepared even before opportunity came knocking at their door, when IBM was eventually brought in she didn’t look at it as though it wasn’t her assignment she broke the rule by going into the room to try out what she had learnt on the computer and she made it work (sometimes you have to break some protocols in your quest to getting what you want) they couldn’t help but promote her and they needed her help in programming the computer as well and because she had trained the girls in the west computing group she was able to take them all with her thereby promoting them as well. She achieved her aim with hardwork and tenacity.

All in all I learnt from this women that they weren’t afraid to go for what they wanted, they weren’t afraid to be the first at what they were doing, they were ready to do all it took, they went the extra mile to get the job done, they showed me the importance of having a strong support system they weren’t jealous of each other or trying to tear each other apart. They just wanted the best for themselves. To truly be outstanding in life you have to be ready to trail the path no one has treaded.
Do well to see this movie if you haven’t. HIDDEN FIGURES

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  1. Your analysis was on point,the fact that the ladies were head on not minding the fact that they were discriminated against and the part that the computer lady asked that all of her team work with her as against enjoying the glory alone…

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