overcoming low self esteem

This is a very important issue in the life of many people. What do you think of yourself? How would you describe yourself to someone if you are being objective? The picture you have of yourself is crucial in your human relationship ‘cos we attract people who feed off what we think of ourselves. When you think you are a failure, you will attract people who will reinforce that idea in your mind.


Low self esteem will make one end up badly bruised. Take a look at this love story “kEMI, in her late twenties, met FEMI, a dashing young man, and fell head over heels in love with him. They soon began courting, but all through their courtship, Femi would physically and verbally abuse Kemi. She endured it, because she deeply believed she did not deserve such an attractive and wealthy young man as Femi. ‘How can a nobody like me be so lucky?’ She would say to herself. She was determined to make their relationship work, so she threw herself at him, did anything he wanted and gave him everything he needed. On various occasions Femi tried to break off the relationship, but Kemi would always beg her way back into his life. They finally got married. A year later Femi divorced her, because he had never really valued her. Now he is remarried to a lady of is choice. Kemi remains a single parent, with a past filled with bitter memories of the destructive results of low self-esteem”.
you should know how much you worth, never feel intimidated. Let’s trynna watch this as it’s really eating deep into our society. Never allow anybody to make u feel inferior!

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