staying focused on what is important

Of a truth the comfort station is a very perfect room for thinking. Ideas flow in like they’ve been buried in there and it’ll only take the smell of your “poo” to resurrect them…lol…well, I was actually reminiscing about so many things. My life since I have been able to differentiate left from right. Its been a series of hurdles actually, but I’m still standing tall.
It’s a known fact that the road to success isn’t an easy one to go through. Many of us probably have dreams, goals, aims and ambitions. We have a destination and an expected end. Life is in stages and its all about timing and time is not a relative of anyone. It doesn’t care who you are. Rich or poor, fat or thin, tall or short or whatever. Every human being is given 24 hours in a day and the same number of days in a year.
However, the major problem with most people is how to use their time profitably. Most of us spend time doing the wrong things, acting without thinking and resorting to doing the thinking after our actions have no reasonable output. It’s best to think before you act taking into consideration the effect of your actions on your neighbour. Not being self-centred, affecting lives positively. Our lives should give people hope. The standards we set should make others believe in themselves.

Now, the point is, detours on the road to success are inevitable. They can be conquered with determination and focus and we’ll definitely get to our expected end. When you have a dream, there are certain things you must be willing to give up. You can’t keep all your options open; you have to narrow your focus to what’s important.

John Maxwell says: ‘many people do the opposite . Rather than focus on their dreams and let go of less important things, they want to keep every option open. But when they do, they actually face more problems because decision-making becomes overly complicated’…..

at first, it’s fun to have so many possibilities…but as time goes by, you can’t make progress ‘cos you spend all your time preserving options rather than moving forward. Well, I’m writing this from a personal experience and I feel you guys should pick something from it.

When you expend your time and energy on the few things that make a difference, tasks that aren’t exciting or immediately rewarding take on added value. Each activity becomes an important piece in that bigger picture…..yes!! God shows us visions, we have great dreams which gives us so much confidence about d future. Its a known fact that; even God will never welcome a lazy ass man. There’s a script for everyone of us….our “LIFE DRAMA”. There’s a divine script and most often we determine the casts in our life drama. But, the question is are we delivering our role according to the script?

When God gives you a vision, He doesn’t show you the whole picture up front, it comes in stages so you won’t get overwhelmed.

So, what’s important is..staying focused on what is important and smartly working hard. Don’t be too fast neither should you be too slow…Know what you want, be determined, avoid distractions, stay focused, make people happy, smile, be humble and walk with your God. Trials will definitely come, but all trials we face leads us to a purpose. Determination is the key. Yep! Let’s stay focused on what is important. There’s time for everything!! We’ll definitely meet at the top. 🙂 *drops pen* 😉

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