Exclusive Interview with MISS GRAND TOURISM ’16- Yaboh Emmanuella

Yaboh Emmanuella is a really good definition of “beauty and brains” – in an exclusive interview with Akinyemi Timileyin of Trendsexpress, the beauty Queen was quite expository on a number of things.

Enjoy excerpts from the interview below.

T.E- Please we would love to know you. Do tell us about yourself?

Y.E: My name is Yaboh Emmanuella Tochukwu Bolouere. A 500level student of the Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in the University of Ibadan. I’m a model and a beauty queen (Miss Grand Tourism 2016)


T.E- Where is home at the moment? Where are you based?

Y.E: Lagos state at the moment.


T.E – You’re from which state?

Y.E: Bayelsa state- The pride of the nation. 🙂


T.E- You come from a family of how many siblings?

Y.E: A family of four children.


T.E – What does your personal life on a daily basis entail?

Y.E: Ensuring I make good use of the day.


T.E- What and who motivated you to contest for the pageantry contest?

Y.E: It has always been my dream to walk gracefully in a beautiful flowing dress and smile radiantly until I’m crowned queen **blushes** I saw Miss Grand Nigeria as a great platform for me to take up a responsibility as a leader and a role model in Nigeria and beyond. It was self motivation and motivation and total support from my parents and few close friends who believed in me.


T.E:  How did you feel being announced MISS GRAND TOURISM 2016?

Y.E: Wow! Okay for clarification purposes, the pageant is “Miss Grand Nigeria”. I was announced as the “1st runner up”. “Miss Grand Tourism” is the title that comes with the position. Okay sincerely, I was a little disappointed at first because I actually thought I was going to win (you can’t go for a competition like that if winning isn’t your priority), but looking back at how far I had come, the hurdles and challenges, moving from stage to stage, from the auditions to the top 10, top 5, top 3, down to the final 2, I knew I had come a long way and I had accomplished something great.


T.E- Knowing the nature of women, you must be an object of envy or alternatively a role model to the female folks. How well do other ladies relate with you?

Y.E: Well I really don’t see any need for envy because I haven’t achieved anything yet, I still have a lot to accomplish, but no matter what or who a woman becomes, I feel women should support and encourage one another. I’m a jovial person, I try to be as friendly and as open as I can be, I give advice whenever necessary and I don’t look down on females who are building a future for themselves.


T.E- Which do you keep more as friends, the ladies or the guys and please tell us why?

Y.E: Statistically, I can’t really point out the higher of the two because I have a fair share of both. When it comes to making friends it’s easier for me to make male friends but easier to keep female friends.

T.E- What other skills or talents do you have? Is there any you’re putting into good use?

Y.E: I have this ability to fit into things. Whenever I find myself doing anything, I just do it well. When I need to act I turn out to be a pretty good actress, when I’m to present, you would think I’m a professional presenter, I’m also a catwalk instructor when I need to be. My specific talents are drawing and dancing of which I’m putting the latter into good use. 🙂


T.E- These days, what have you been up to or which project(s) have you been embarking on?

Y.E: . My Final Year Project :d **grins**  just kidding, although I’m also embarking on it. I’m working on “teen empowerment” at the moment, which is reaching out to teenagers(children and youths also) in areas of their careers, health, relationships and so on, it’s still something small for now, I pray God gives me the grace to pull it off.



T.E- What are your interests and hobbies?

Y.E: Interests: Traveling around the world, learning two/three foreign languages (which would include Spanish), being an advocate for world peace and a great role model and mentor to people.

Hobbies: doing things to make myself happy: Playing, seeing movies, listening to music and singing on top of my terrible voice, 🙂 **smiles** and of course dancing.


T.E- Now, talking of you being a model; how long have you been modeling?

Y.E: Been modelling for a while, participated in little pageants in my primary and secondary schools while growing up of which I won some of them :d **grins** Modelling was for fun and for feeling pretty then. I started seeing modelling as a career in 2015 and kicked off professionally early 2016.


T.E Which agencies/brands/people have you worked with or shot for? 

Y.E: Runway shows, I’ve modelled for VIP hair industries, shot for makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, had creative shoots with photographers, I’ve also been in two music videos(although I’m not a video vixen).


T.E- What are the pros and cons of being a model?

Y.E: Pros: Travelling, Meeting new people, Getting special treatments, visiting new and exciting places, beautiful souvenirs from shoots, getting to try new things and of course extra cash.

Cons: Time constraints, Travelling inability, inability to work with some kind of concepts, the “immorality stereotype”, jobs being given out to other people because there are certain things you can’t do, requires undivided attention.


T.E – What’s your dream modeling job?

Y.E: To feature in great magazines like seventeen, vogue etc, to be the face of a brand for a particular duration and to grant modelling jobs and job opportunities for young models and aspiring models.


T.E- How do you stay in shape?

Y.E: Although I’m a naturally slim person, I love exercising. I ride bicycles, play football, run around and jog occasionally. But I dance and have my personal workouts in my room at least thrice a week. I’m yet to hit the gym. 🙂


T.E- What do you do in your downtime?

Y.E: In my downtime I’m seeing movies; either in the cinema or in my room.


T.E- So, what’s your favourite food?

Y.E: Amala with ewedu and gbegiri. I’m also a spaghetti lover. 🙂


T.E- Describe your signature outfit?

Y.E: A pair of jeans and a top with sneakers or sandals OR a short dress.


T.E- How important has social media been for you?

Y.E: More than I can talk about. It has helped a whole lot. I’ve made new and good friends through social media, worked with so many amazing people, gotten lots of jobs and job opportunities, made me know a lot more about my environment, society, country and the whole world at large.


T.E- Do you believe in gender equality? If yes or otherwise please tell us why?

Y.E: I believe in Gender equality, I believe men and women should have equal rights, in education and employment. Women should not be restricted from certain things that men are allowed to do. Restricting a woman is inhibiting a woman. Women are strong and powerful, we have ability to lead with wisdom and compassion and make a difference in the world. Women should be protected from rape, sexual assault and domestic violence.


T.E- What is the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Y.E: “No matter what never give up, You are so much more than you think you are and always remember that Jesus Christ is the ultimate” – My Parents


T.E- The interested male populace would love to know your description of an ideal man, please describe him? 🙂

Y.E: A man with the fear of God in him, Optimistic, Eloquent, Smart, Success oriented, humble, compassionate, good-looking and with a great sense of humour


T.E- If you could change a single thing in the world, what would it be?

Y.E: Hunger and starvation


T.E- Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What are your personal goals?

Y.E:  A successful and influential woman, impacting lives and contributing immensely and positively to the society


T.E- what is that thing that most people don’t know about you?

Y.E:  A). I’m a very good cook, although most people don’t believe this because I’m hardly seen cooking and I don’t really like cooking.

B). I’m a humble person, I’m not a snob and I’m very easy to talk to.


T.E- What advice do you have for someone that wants to follow your path? (someone that wishes to be a model/beauty queen)

Y.E: Believe in God, stay focused, never lose hope, stay motivated. Beware of so many people out there willing to take advantage of young aspiring models, never sell yourself short, keep your head high and believe in yourself.


T.E- What do you think about TRENDSEXPRESS MEDIA?

Y.E: I’m just getting exposed to the brand, but so far I find it really educative and entertaining. I look forward to the growth of the brand and I hope to be a part of it. 🙂


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