Why not make the best out of 2017


I started this year on a flattened note, I wasn’t quite sure of how this year would turn out. I had unfinished projects, debts to clear, my phone was acting up, my laptop was faulty, I had no motivation to write, I mean whats there to write about? How do you get people to feel what you are writing about when you are not even feeling the vibe yourself? But as time went on and the clock kept ticking I began to ponder. I won’t really call this an article but just for us to probably change the way we do some things in the early part of this year. There’s still time to restrategise and focus on getting some things done. So as I was thinking the other day this dropped in my mind and I’ll like us to read and reflect on these things:


Why not stop brooding and start thinking(trust me there’s a difference between the two)?

Why not stop thinking and start acting?

Why not drop that TV remote and go in to read a book?

Why not quickly write down those ideas that dropped on your mind instead of sleeping?

Why not try and get resources online instead of chatting all the time?

Why not network with people instead of being a loner?

Why not stop complaining all the time and dole out compliments?

Why not take a stroll round your neighborhood instead of being indoors all the time( you never know who you’ll bump into that you might need) ?

Why not take out time to go somewhere where it’ll just be you and you alone and tap into that creative side you have (everyone has something to give back)?

Why not give love another chance instead of holding back on love(your ex won’t be like your present)?

Why not forgive and feel free instead of holding grudges?

Why not seek counsel concerning that issue to hear a second opinion instead of taking that decision alone?

Why not take yourself out and fall in love with your own company instead of always looking to tag along with someone?

Why not carve out a niche for yourself (have your own style of doing things and stick with it)?

Why not start that business and see how it goes?

Why not express your feelings to that girl and get out of the friend zone?

Why not try taking things one at a time instead of looking to handle all at once?

Why not go for that audition don’t underestimate yourself yes you are good! Believe it?

Why not go and learn a vocational skill (you can’t tell how tomorrow will be)?

Why not take time to travel and explore new places (you’ll be surprised that there’s much more to life than where you are)?

Why not take out time to plan for your future? you might not know what you want but you at least know what you don’t want,start with that and let it inspire you

There are a lot of ‘why nots’ to consider, your own why not might not be listed above but I’m sure if you think deep you’ll figure out your own why not.. Don’t let anything hold you back in 2017, try as many things as you can and don’t give up on your dreams. This is my first write up this year. I’ve been feeling very lazy but I just asked myself why not just forfeit that movie and write something ( trust me I wont stop writing).

I hope you enjoy reading this and I hope it helps you figure somethings out.

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