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Why wait to be married before you can be happy? Happiness is not at the end of the road, No.. that is wrong, happiness is within you, it should be an aura not just a word. Happiness is a lifestyle.

You can’t dwell on what is not neither can u dwell on ‘ifs’.. If only you had this, if only you had that***No, Stop and think for a while.. Does it cost me a life to be happy. Happiness doesn’t just sit around and wait for you to come buy it, happiness is free.. Just like the wind is free.. Just like the blood that courses through our veins. Happiness should not only trickle down your spine but should also give you a smile..
Death is a reminder that life is short and we all have limited time, time is relative, true. But do you have all the time in the world? Why wait for an event to change your life before you can be happy? Why breathe daily only to dwell on regrets and hurts when you can breathe everyday and be happy..
Why? Why wait for a major event before you can be happy? Happiness is not something at the bottom or something that happens down the road, happiness is a feeling, a lifestyle that we all possess.
We all have the power to be happy and Happy indeed. Put a smile on your face today regardless of how you feel.
Be happy, life is happening now. You can’t keep wearing a sad face, LIVE don’t just EXIST.
Remember Happiness is free.

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