(MUST READ)- Things To Do Before 2016 Ends

  • Sit down and reflect;Yes I know you are happy this year is coming to an end and you can move to the next year.You achieved some things this year and you did not achieve some,so sit down and reflect on the highlights of this year and the down times.

  • Be Grateful; gratitude is very important, take time to worship and appreciate your God. It’s not everyone that you started the year with that  is alive now; so you should be filled with gratitude.

  • Leave the grudge; you offended me in 2016 and I would still punish you in 2017*lol* Please let go of the baggage so you can have a clean mind as the new year approaches,just forgive and forget and move on if not for anything just for your peace.

  • Draw a plan for next year; do not just take the new year as it comes, have a plan, know the things you want to achieve. How can you be traveling to an unknown place for the first time without a map or direction, you know that is impossible right? so as it is impossible so you need to have a plan mapped out for the new year ,so even if unplanned things come up you would be prepared.

  • Fun is allowed; during this period lot of shows are organized, malls, eateries, cinemas and so on are jam packed. This is all because people want to hang out, festive period is meant to be fun so take the load off and have fun when necessary.

  • Catch up with friends and family; I am sure there are some people you did not get time to see well during 2016, it might even be your parents or spouse for some people. So use this holiday period to catch up with them.

  • Make up your mind on what mistakes you must not repeat in 2017. If you do not realize your mistake, it is bound to repeat itself. Even if it’s someone you feel is not adding any value to your life please let such a person go as the year approaches so you can have a good year ahead.

  • Show love to people; Christmas which is preceding new year is a time to show love to people around you. Give gifts to your family and friends, not only people you know. You can also give to people around you who you feel need it. No matter how small you think it is at least you are making an effort, so show love to people around you.

    As I drop my pen this year,I want to say thank you for making this year amazing and reading the articles here. Let us do it again in 2017. I love you all 😀 

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