Over the years, people seek attention for some reasons known or unknown to them. Attention seekers in a way or two probably lacked affection at some point in their lives. They always feel the need to be noticed, heard or seen. They always want to be the center of attraction and even when they do not totally make any sense at all, they still strive to seek attention.

Now, research has shown that the attention seeking behaviour is peculiar to ladies than men and this is because of how they function. Attention is almost like a competition, most ladies compete to dress, behave, speak and probably some irrelevant things. Attention if seriously taken to the extreme has proven to be quite dangerous. In seeking attention you walk over people’s feelings and don’t give a hoot about how the next person feels just because of your crave for it.
Attention as a syndrome can also be managed or controlled. Whenever you have the need to create unnecessary drama or attention pause and think, is this right? How does this affect the next person, Should I give in to my insatiable thirst for attention?
It will really help to know that most times, while displaying your need for affection people tend to look at you as one who needs help quickly..
“Oya come”, Yes, you come. Help yourself trim the attention, hold your lips and control your body movement, good. Now , mentally practice sealing your lips if you have nothing good or nice to say. It will really help if you seek attention to create awareness for a greater cause.
Anything at all can be curtailed, so also your thirst for attention.

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