My review of the Black Beauty “loose deep wave” from X-pression.

 All my ladies……… Lol. How are you all doing? Good I hope? So this post is a little bit of two things! I talked about this hair that I’m rocking from X-pression, full details and all that.. And my passing out from the National Youth service corps yesterday whoop whoop!


I got tons of compliment on this hair and anytime I was asked what hair it is and I said Oh it’s a hair from X-pression their mouth will just drop open! What? You mean this hair is X-pression? This and that lol.. Yea it’s that pretty. Besides we are only used to seeing heavy synthetic weaves from X-pression and not something with this much sauce lol.. I’ve worn this hair for about a month now so I think this is a good enough time to do a review so let’s dive right in shall we?

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The name of this hair is Black beauty and the type I installed is Loose deep wave in 16″. They have a range of 100% High Temperature fiber hair called Black Beauty.


The loose deep wave is the third from the left.

But if or when you want to enquire about this product, Black beauty is the name to call because X-pression is written just below on the pack.. I’m sorry I don’t have a close up picture of the pack.. My phone got stolen so I lost it. Bear with me please.. Now to what I taught about this hair:
On the pack, 100% human hair was written on it. So when I received the hair, I was a little bit excited but on opening it, feeling and working with it for my wig, I was disappointed because it’s definitely not 100% human hair and I don’t know why that was written on the pack.. I mean don’t mislead us now lol.. It also had a little bit of shine that I wasn’t comfortable with but I guess that’s what you get with fiber.. Now let’s get to what I loveeeeee about this hair..

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On the back of the pack, it was written that this hair can be washed gently, flat ironed and such.. Try to drop a little bit of water on synthetic hair and you know the result but not with this hair! To remove some of the shine, I soaked this hair (after I had made it into a wig), in water and ACV mixture for about 20 minutes, rinsed out, applied some conditioner, rinsed and left to dry.. To be honest, I was scared I’ll ruin the hair but trust me it was still as good as new and a little less shiny!
I don’t have much experience with synthetic hair (except you count crochet braids) so I didn’t know what caring for the hair would entail. I went to google and all I could piece together was not to bother wasting products on the hair.. In all, all I have done this past month as a way of maintenance is brush it everyday or at least every day I wear the wig.. And I make sure to pack the hair up often so it doesn’t rub against my dress and stuff. I’m really concerned about freeze at the tip of the hair and that’s why I do that.. I’ll only wear the hair down on occasion just as a way of maintaining it.. Once I sprayed it with my olive oil hair spray but so far that’s it.. And in a month, that has been enough.. I love this wig to be honest.. If at anytime you can’t invest so much money in human hair, this is what you should be getting. I made a lace closure for this wig by doing a little ven

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