So she just got married to that great guy, guess what?! She replied that DM (direct message) you responded coldly to or worse ignored. With the advent of social media, most of our relationships kick start via chatting and I’m afraid to be the bringer of bad news as most women are greatly hurting their chances at meeting great minds, friends, dates and opportunities to foster connections and relationships. Here are the reasons why he stopped texting you.

1. Pride:

There’s no doubt that women are complicated. A girl that will undoubtedly be shy and responsive in your presence suddenly becomes this huge monster on social media. One can whiff the pride in her replies from a mile away. You should realize that the world doesn’t revolve around your butt and we’re all nothing more than dust from which God created us. So take it easy, or you’ll be missing out on great guys.

2. Pretence:

We call women experts at reading body language, but guess what?! Men are not so far from becoming experts at sniffing out fake and unreal ladies. We don’t like when you claim to be what you’re not. You don’t have to try too hard to impress or display an assumed superiority. Just come out straight like you really are.


3. No benefits and profitable outcome:

For every interaction there’s a motive and a foreseen benefit, so when a guy realizes that a girl has nothing to offer him he ends the conversation. Benefits and outcomes range from having intelligent conversations, possibilities of seeing or going out on a date, possibilities of being friends or having sex, or possibilities of having a romantic relationship. When none of these cannot be met, you’re left till you’re found useful.

4. Boring conversation:

This tops the list!! No one enjoys a boring conversation and definitely no guy will be willing to continue with such. Some girls can’t even amuse you or start an interesting conversation to save a soul. It is just that bad.


5. When he feels he is investing too much into the conversation:

Unless the guy is a wuss, this is very easy to perceive. He gives his all into the conversation and you only give him peanuts in return. He tries to make you laugh, chats in long sentences, says witty things and you make it all seem worthless. A conversation is a two way thing. It should 50-50. 60-40 is can still be tolerated, but never 90-10. Put in more effort into the conversation!

6. Bad sense of humour

If you lack a good sense of humour, you’re like a red flag that signals boredom and depression, so don’t be surprised if you’re avoided.. Men generally want a girl who will laugh and understand their jokes, someone they can have an interesting conversation with, tease and make sarcastic comments about their height or hair without them getting pissed. A girl that is playful, understands sarcasm, witty in her jokes and creative in her comebacks. So put some flair in your replies and don’t leave out the emoticons (but don’t overdo!).


7. Replies with monosyllabic words:

So he types a whole epistle and you’re only generous to reply with a one word answer. How nice of you but don’t expect him to stick around for so long.

8. Frequent late replies:

It’s excusable when you’re busy to reply him late. He will understand. What can’t be tolerated is if it becomes a frequent habit or worse if you read it, didn’t reply and it is so obvious you’re online with recent updates

9. When the chats becomes an interview rather than a conversation:

Having a good conversation is like playing ping pong i.e. give and take. Not that he asks all the questions and you feel you’re only meant to reply. Don’t be selfish and everything is definitely not about you. So ask the guy questions, show interest and care to know more about him.

10. Cold and unfriendly

This sums up everything listed here: From boring, to one word replies, to investing too little into the conversation, to pride, to frequent late replies etc. The world definitely doesn’t revolve around your bum, so chill out!


There’s no doubt that some men have misused their chances or destroyed the dating scene, yet don’t be too quick to judge. Give every guy a proper audience and time. You never know how he can be of use in the future

Article credit: My witty male friends 

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