Mobile devices, Internet and the social media fracas

The advent of the internet has opened us up to a world of new and endless possibilities; we now have access to information that used to be far beyond our reach. I sometimes wonder how the old generation lived without mobile devices and the internet, there is practically nothing you are looking for that you can’t find via the aid of the internet.

Kiev, Ukraine - October 17, 2012 - A logotype collection of well-known social media brand's printed on paper. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Myspace, Tumblr, Livejournal, Foursquare and more other logos.

The various social media networks have helped us to connect with people from different parts of the world just by tapping our fingers on a screen we learn about different cultures, we no longer have to waste money on call units to talk to our relatives and friends abroad as we can just sit in front of the computer and video chat with them, these and many more are the wonders we enjoy. Oh am I glad and privileged to be born in this present dispensation. As much as our mobile devices and the internet have so many benefits and advantages let’s take note of some of the things it is doing to us as a people.

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A lot of people reach out to the internet to make friends with people they cannot see and may never even get a chance to see. A person that finds it hard to get along with people he sees on a regular basis all of a sudden becomes an extrovert online because she feels well at least I can’t see who I’m chatting with. A stranger gets a random girl’s contact online and a typical conversation ensues and most times its like this:


GIRL: hey,I don’t think I know you

STRANGER: yeah you don’t know me but I got your contact from someone and I’ll like to know you

GIRL: who did u get it from?

STRANGER: does it really matter, you are beautiful and I just want to know you,my name is Felix and I’m a student, what about you.

GIRL: *blushing* well,its a free world I name is Angela I’m a student as well in 300lvl Economics

STRANGER: oh that’s nice where do you reside Angela so I can come and take you out one of these days

GIRL: well I stay with my parents at Agindigbi Lagos

And she goes on and on to divulge personal and important details about her life to a complete stranger. This scenario is exactly the trend these days, its so alarming the rate at which people trust complete strangers online. We’ve heard bizarre stories of how kidnappers and killers lure girls to a particular location to maim or rape them of course they have taken their time to gain the friendship and trust of their targets. This is the same way internet fraudsters get to know their target and dupe them online.Of course we can make friends online but let us be very careful, take your time to run a background check on the person and be careful not to divulge personal and vital information to people online.


Have you also noticed that for almost every application you are trying to install on your phone you get a request asking for permission for the app to have access to your contacts, calendar, location, gallery and so on. A lot of us don’t even bother to read theses things we just click accept oblivious of the reason why it is even necessary to do that. Some applications have access to the GPS on your phone and so it knows where you are at all times. The truth is for every conversation or chats you have on the various social media networks even after you clear the chat or delete the pictures sent it is still saved somewhere in cyberspace on the database of that particular network,that is how some hackers get access to some information you’ve shared online at one point or the other. So let’s be very wary of how we use the social media. Sometimes it can be better to just write a letter to someone and the person reads it and tears it at least you have an assurance that hackers can’t come near that one.



A lot of children and youths have retreated into their shells and have become complete introverts because of their mobile devices, they will rather spend all their time indoors with their mobile devices and with people online than go out and interact with real people. So, we have a lot of introverts walking about who cannot open up and talk to others, we have youths and children who no longer enjoy the essence of nature children don’t even play outside anymore,we have some people who are so absorbed in their mobile devices to the extent that once they are pressing their phones and you talk to them they tune out and can’t even hear what you are saying, they have become detached from the outside world, our phones have replaced human beings as our best friends, we sleep with our phones under our pillows, studies have shown that people experience withdrawal symptoms similar to those who are on drugs when you detach them from their mobile devices, ask around and you will hear people say I don’t think I can survive without my phones. English language has been abused; nobody really cares about the right spellings and pronunciation of words anymore since we can always abbreviate when we chat not to talk of being challenged to learn new words and so people are becoming retarded everyday. It has become so hard to excel in school work because when lecturers are teaching we are busy taking selfies and chatting, youths can no longer effectively network with others and with their immediate environment. Yes that is what is happening.




This simply refer to a set of people who sit behind their computers and phones and roll out abusive, mean and derogatory comments to other people online. There is no form of courtesy anymore people have thrown caution to the wind because they assume they can’t be seen or touched. Someone uploads a picture on the internet and you see people type mean comments on the person’s timeline just to catch fun,people pull each other down, they mess each other up on social media.celebrities are most times the target of internet trolls.


People say wicked and derogatory things about the country and the president and you just wonder if these people are humans at all. The internet has given some people the opportunity to misbehave and forget their values, what you cannot say to the president to his face why type it and upload it online, same goes for every other person why give what you cannot take in the first instance. Mind you there are laws that allow a person to sue you if you write condescending and derogatory remarks about such person. Yes there is freedom of speech but it has been generally abused.


These are my thoughts on the internet, social media and mobile devices era.

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