”Parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow try to pay our school fees and give us sound education.’’ I remember this as the song we used to sing in my primary school while marching down to our classes with so much vigour after the morning assembly, we really didn’t understand what it meant then but we just liked the fact that we were referred to as the leaders of tomorrow. As I ponder on that song I ask myself, are we actually built to be the leader of tomorrow? Are there structures in place to encourage the leaders of tomorrow? This article is mainly to challenge us as youths and leaders because the tomorrow we used to sing about is here already and I won’t be wrong to say we are no longer the leaders of tomorrow but the leaders of today.

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In Nigeria that the government virtually don’t have any intention or provision to cater for the youths and leaders of tomorrow, all they are interested in is amassing wealth for themselves, there is no platform to rise to build yourself as the leader of tomorrow. There are no jobs after graduation, no grants to assist those who have innovative ideas accomplish their dreams and its almost as if the environment just does not favour the youths to thrive but are we going to fold our hands and keep complaining about our woes and keep blaming the government for the outcome of our future, the answer is no because we are not even going to give them the opportunity to define our future and what we eventually turn out to be.


The average Nigerian youth has been described as casual and lazy, we are mainly contents and products consumers and not producers and innovators that is why the mobile phone manufacturers have a large market base in Africa and Nigeria to be precise, they are all rushing to ship in their products and services to Nigeria because they understand that we consume much more than we produce and they have capitalized on this to increase their sales.  A week before Iphone 7 was released over 500,000 phones were pre-ordered by Nigerians alone, alarming right! The mobile devices we carry around are being made by teenagers in china. Mark Zuckerberg is the 6th richest man today for an app he started in his dorm room. We enrich their pockets by consuming their products daily and fail to balance it by creating one of ours. We have become so distracted with the social media world and our mobile devices and trending things that we fail to realize that the world is moving and progressing at such a pace that is alarming to even the world itself.


In the days of the bible, kings and rulers were appointed to rule after their predecessor die and so we had kings that were as young as 15 years, they teach them the law of the land and they govern the people till their old age. We are craving for youths to take over the seats of governance but let’s be truthful to ourselves and ask how many youths understand what politics is about, how many youths are interested in what the constitution is saying, how many youths can manage a local government effectively not to talk of governing a state or the country.

I have come to challenge us as youths today, nobody has found the cure for cancer yet, Ebola came and went with no cure only preventive measures, this proves that a lot of things are still waiting to be discovered. The people in developed world are not magicians but people who put their brain to active use. This is the time to act, Nigeria is in recession today because of how our leaders have mismanaged our economy we need to rise up as youths, equip ourselves with whatever it takes and help to contribute our quota to Nigeria. Nigeria will rise again if we are all willing to do what it takes. Let’s get information. Those who dared to make a difference started from somewhere. Nigeria is in dire need of our ideas and creative innovations; let’s put ourselves to work. There are no excuses for success only failure has excuses. In case you haven’t noticed the tomorrow they were clamouring about is here. Yes! The future is here and the future is us.

I will close with this Bob Moaward quote.”The best day of your life is one in which you decide your life is your own, no excuses, no apologies, no one to lean on, rely on or blame. The gift is yours. It is an amazing journey and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life truly begins”.

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  2. As youths in this nation, we have to come to a sense of understanding that; the tomorrow in which you are called to be a leader is solely to be decided by us (not for us). I really do love this

  3. As youths in this nation, we have to come to a sense of understanding that; the tomorrow in which you are called to be a leader is solely to be decided by us (not for us).because tomorrow never really ends. I really do love this @omolara

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