Johnson Wuraola Covers Trendsexpress as face of the month


Name- Johnson Wuraola Anne

*nick- wulz

*height- 5ft3.5in.

*weight- 64kg

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*hair color– brown

*Birthday– January 14

*state of origin- Osun state

*present location- Lagos

*Religion- christian

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*Educational qualification– B.Sc Economics

*languages I speak–  English , Yoruba and French

*interests & hobbies.
My interests are: -to always be there for those who need help ,to make the world a better place , Fashion designing and my love for fast cars.
My hobbies are; shopping, making up for people and seeing the latest series or movies

*Twitter handle- @jawmal


*IG handle-  @wajmal_


*favourite quote?

“sometimes you are unsatisfied with your life, while many people in this world are dreaming of living your life. Live simply, walk humbly and love genuinely! All good will come back to you –BenCarson


T.E-Describe an awesome day?
J.W- Going to feed the homeless people

T.E- What are the physical & mental qualities that you admire in a man?
J.W- FOR PHYSICAL QUALITIES; I am a very visual person, and a well defined body and arms (not overly muscled), eyes and smile turns me on
FOR MENTAL QUALITIES: A man with purpose and direction is hot. Your purpose can be any number of things. It can change the world, it can be to push your body to its limits, it can also be to build a business or build a homes and it can also be to make art or be the kindest person you know. Its not about what your purpose is although the more it benefits humanity, the better. And with purpose comes direction purpose is knowing what you are here to do and direction is getting it done….my point is I am very attracted to a man who gets things done,w who has a plan and he is taking steps(even small ones) to accomplish it.
-I admire a man with a great sense of humor too because I have one, I like to laugh at everything including myself, often. To me if a man cannot laugh at himself it is definitely because he takes himself too seriously.
T.E- Mention one thing that most people don’t know about you?

J.W- I can be extremely resourceful, patient and ambitious

T.E- What’s do you think about Trendsexpress digital magazine?
J.W-Trendsexpress digital magazine has helped improve not only my knowledge but other people on lastest trends in fashion and a lot of things happening around us and around the world…….

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