Interesting Facts about Nigeria.

As we celebrate the 56th anniversary of our Independence, here are some interesting facts about our great nation; Nigeria.

  • Cameroon Was An Administrative Part of Nigeria.
  • Nigerian Women Lead In Skin Bleaching.
  • Nigeria Has The Richest Pastor In The World.
  • The Cost Of a Car And a Plane Ticket in 1975 was #2000 and #100 respectively.
  • The Yoruba People Of Nigeria Has The Highest Twinning Rate In The World.
  • Nigeria Has The Largest Diversity of Butterflies In The World.
  • Nigeria Has The Longest Bridge in Africa.
  • Nigeria is One of The Oldest Locations of Human Existence.
  • The Dufuna Canoe is Africa’s oldest known boat which was discovered by a Fulani Herdsman in Dufuna, Yobe.
  • Nigeria is the most populous black nation on Earth with over 170 million.
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