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He finally got to notice you; you’re now friends but still he is yet to like you the way you want him to. Fear not, here is your guide to make him get to like you.

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Tip1. Be clean:

Neatness is a top trait guys value in girls. Guys really love it when girls smell good. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy expensive perfumes; all you have to do is remain clean and use good deodorant or antiperspirant. Remember, one thing guys hate is that single spot of dirt on your clothe. Also importantly, your armpits are not forest reserves, shave them! Read: How not to mess up your first date

Tip2. Be bold:

Nervousness might be cute, yet men love confident women that are comfortable in their skin, with enticing composure & carriage. So don’t let your timid nature make you miss out on the guy of your dreams, & don’t overdo things by batting your eyelashes too often or touching your hair too much, It will only make him feel like you’re trying way too hard to impress him, and that wouldn’t be a huge turn on right?

Tip3. Be original:

Guys love girls who stand out from the pack and aren’t like everyone else. Be straightforward and don’t pretend in a bid to impress him. If he likes video games that you haven’t played, or comic books that you haven’t read or a TV show, don’t lie and say you’ve read, watched or played them. It will eventually pop up in a conversation and he will find out you lied. Be original, even if it means to dye your hair pink, dance anyhow, or act funny. Be proud of whom you are!


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Tip4. Find common interest:

More than anything in the world, what guys love most is their hobbies and things they’re passionate about. So if you truly want him to like you, you have to find a common interest (e.g. traveling, music, writing, cooking etc.) that both of you love, and make it a centre of your conversations and activities. The positive feeling he feels towards that interest will certainly extend to you. Read–5 reasons why showing interests in what he likes, will make him yours forever



Tip5. Inquisitive conversation:

While talking to your crush, don’t keep rambling about things that pertains to only you.  Give him chance to talk, ask him random questions and answer what he asks you truthfully. It is important that when you’re getting to know him, you’re not selfish with the conversation. Guys love it when you care to learn more about them and ask them intimate questions. Don’t make him ask all the questions while you keep answering. Get into the conversation!


Tip6. Be stylish and Dress to impress:

Unique ladies never go unnoticed! Find the perfect style that suits your personality. Be stylish, wear clothing items that makes you stand out and dress to impress. This doesn’t mean you have to dress up like a doll with a cake face; wear something simple that makes you feel comfortable and clean. Nothing is ever good in excess so be moderate and don’t be too revealing in order not to communicate the wrong message. Read: Top 6 Fashion Mistakes That Are Turn Off To Men

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Tip7. Confess your feelings:

The world has evolved from always having the guy make all the moves; you need to make your feelings known.  A simple, “I like you/ you make me happy/ I really like hanging out with you/ you make me feel good about myself” is just enough. He will definitely get the cue.

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Tip8. Showcase your hidden talent:

Aside the physical, interesting personality and skills are also things that men appreciate. So reveal your talents that he is unaware of. Show him you’re that beauty and brains. That girl that is academically good, great at dancing/singing, excellent at fashion designing etc. These talents make you stand out and very much attractive; like icing on a cake.

Tip9. Flirt with him:

The Art of flirting shouldn’t be something found wanting in women. Flirting helps you to subtly communicate that you’re interested in him. Flirt with him by stealing glances at him, holding his gaze, compliment him by acting cute around him, play texting, suggesting he takes you out or hook up with you somewhere and also by initiating physical contact. All these help to build a connection and sexual tension.  Read: Flirting 101: the 10 basic steps of flirting 


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Tip10. Have sexual confidence:

In the bid to be modest, cautious, or plainly said, to be a “good girl” most girls neglect their femininity and this often kills their chances. To make him get to like you, sexual confidence is very important as men don’t go a day without thinking about sex. So be flirtatious, wear flirtatious outfits, touch him, and be sexy yet don’t overdo. You definitely don’t want him to start seeing you like a sister; be an attractive woman that oozes sex appeal. Read: 10 things men want in a woman

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