Hey!  I see your picture or maybe your status update on Facebook. I seem to like it, so I click the ‘like’ button. Next thing, you’re all over my inbox saying things like how we are meant for each other. Please!

I laugh at your joke, because it’s funny. Next thing, you call me ‘baby’.
I compliment your shirt, because it’s fancy. Next thing, you assume I’ve got the hots for you.
Okay, so maybe I call you ‘bae’, every now and then. Next thing, you begin to act like we are dating. Come on, it is never this serious.

I retweet your tweets, and sometimes mention you on twitter. Next thing, you assume I’m crushing on you. Oh, Lord! I like all your pictures on instagram. Most times, not because I actually like them, but because I need you to return the favour. Don’t assume I’m tripping!
I decide to look all shades of good to step out of my house to come meet you. I’m not ‘packaging’ myself to look good for you. I just love to look good. Looking good is good businessinnit?
I talk the way I talk, not to impress you, but because I love the way my voice sounds that way. Your problem?


I catwalk and it’s not because I want your attention. I DO NOT need that. That’s how I am, how I’ve always been. You don’t like it? Look elsewhere. Has it occurred to you that maybe I sing all the time, because I love to? Not because I want you to appreciate my voice. Does your liking my voice pay my bills?!
These may be all bitchy, but right now, I do not care. I don’t need anybody’s judgment (the world is filled with judgmental beings). The other day, I shared a post and someone deemed it okay to rate my write-up. I do not write for ratings, please. I write because it is one way I know how to express myself, because I LOVE to write. I do not seek validation from anybody. Do not read meanings to everything I do; every deliberate act and every not-so-deliberate act.
Dear readers, do your thing. Do not let anyone’s perception of you, stop you from being you.
By all means, DO YOU! 
You’ve got one life…..
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