A week from now, you’ll still be hearing the echoing slap that comes with walking up to a “proper lady” and directly telling her you want to have sex with her; you had best hone your flirting skills to get the girl of your dreams. Flirting is simply the act of subtly showing that you’re sexually attracted to someone and want to pursue a deeper relationship with them. Your interest in your crush is hinted and not explicit, which makes flirting acceptable and effective on all women. A lot of men happen to be clueless about flirting, but not to worry; this article provides a crash course on how to flirt. 

1. Overcome approach anxiety
The stiffness you feel in your heart and the adhesive beneath your feet were only created by your mind to prevent you from meeting the girl of your dreams. To overcome approach anxiety you have to shut out all the negative outcomes (she blowing you off/slapping you/making a mockery of you) of you approaching her in your head and just walk up to her. You don’t need to start reciting conversation scripts you’ve memorized in your head, just flow with the conversation, believe in your self-worth and be natural.

2. Proper eye contact
Eyes are windows to the soul and certainly don’t go unnoticed when you look at them. You get her attention by making eye contact with her, and communicate confidence by holding it for a while. There’s a fine line between ogling her/looking at her lustfully or like a serial killer and showing interest. So don’t let the eye contact be unnecessarily long. Stealing glances at her until she notices also works magic.
3. Smile
Smiling is contagious. When you smile at someone, the person is naturally inclined to do so. Smiling at a woman not only stimulates her to smile back but also makes her feel good about herself. Want to step up your game? After making proper eye contact, smile at the girl in question and spice it up with a wink or a raised eyebrow. Every girl wants a positive and happy guy, and there’s no better way to communicate that by showing your pearly whites. Smile with your eyes it’s magnetic!!
4. Good body language
It’s never all about what you say, but how you say it! The non-verbal subconscious human gestures and signs you display are key to flirting. So maintain good body language, be sure you approach her at a good angle, make sure your torso is facing her and stand or sit facing her. Be confident, manly in your stance and don’t fidget while talking to her.
5. Compliment her
She’s beautiful and she knows it. Since when she was a baby, “princess and beautiful girl” were all she was called; so you can imagine how many times she must have heard it from regular guys. Since you don’t want to come off as average, don’t go with the generic compliment of “you’re very beautiful” or worse a creepy pick-up line. Be sincere! Genuine compliments are always appreciated. Compliment her about things you really like about her in the early stages, like her eyes, bag, smile, shoes or dress. Don’t come up too strong or like a pervert by making sensitive comments about her body when you’re just getting to know her. Most importantly don’t overdo; it loses its effect.


6. Be humorous and communicate well
Rapport is important in fostering relationships; so you should be a good conversationalist that can spark interesting conversations. Every girl loves a guy that can make her laugh, so tease, use sarcasm, make her smile and let her feel good about herself. A good laugh warms the heart and helps build a connection. A good tip is inserting her name into the conversation (e.g. so where is Linda off to?). It helps build trust.

7. Teasing
This is what differentiates you from 95% of guys who are intimidated by her beauty. These average guys over compliment her and literally kiss ass. It’s important to tease as it shows you’re a fun person and most importantly used to being in the company of beautiful women. So tease her about her hair, something she said etc. It’s important to allow her know you’re joking with your body language /facial expression or with a smiley when chatting. E.g. I know you look like “Shrek” in the morning (add a mischievous smile or throw in a tongue smiley). Sarcasm and teasing are powerful flirting tools that create emotional and sexual sparks in a woman, which leads to attraction. It’s important you don’t overdo.
8. Breaking the touch barrier
Touching is very vital in human interactions as it stirs up nerves and hormones that relaxes us, makes us comfortable and ignite emotion. You have to initiate physical contact to break the mental and emotional barriers when flirting with a girl as it reflects your intentions and shows confidence. It’s important to start touching her early before it becomes an awkward act, making you trapped in the friendzone. Women love to be touched; but don’t start touching her like a pervert. Start from the innocent areas (hands, small of the back, shoulder etc.) till you progress to more intimate touching. It’s important you make your physical contacts intentional and not accidental. Touch her to make a point!
9. Create sexual tension
You know the sexual tension you feel from seeing a sexy cleavage is quite high in comparison to when the bra comes off. Same thing applies, when flirting with women. To keep them interested, don’t go pouring everything out. You have to maintain a balance between revealing your feelings to her and intriguing her. You have to be a mystery, so she can try to figure you out. In flirting it’s also important to let her know you’re sexually interested in her, by making use of sexual innuendoes, speaking indirectly about sex and giving your conversations a sexual overtone. It’s important you keep her on an emotional and sexual roller coaster in which she won’t want to come off from.
10. Close the deal
After successful flirting, it’s important to seal the deal. Be straightforward and confident when asking for her number or asking her out. Avoid saying “can I have your number?” It puts the power in her hand with just a yes or no answer. Preferable make open suggestions like, “I’ll like to take you out sometime/or see you again, let me have your number.”  Generally women don’t do well with power; another trick is giving her your phone and telling her to input her number then spice it up with a friendly smile so it doesn’t like you’re forcing her. Its better you ask for her number not her BBM pin/facebook id etc.



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