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Women are cleverer than men. Did you ever see a woman marrying a man because he had lovely legs?–Bette Davis
 Some people wonder why women tend to reject or act indifferent towards both decent and amoral gestures of men. But they never tend to wonder what it is to be approached in a wrong way, at the wrong time & in a wrong manner. The objective of this article is to let you know why women give you the medusa look and an insensitive response towards your gestures.
1. Her want
Women’s perceptions of men are classified into categories which will be boiled down to three. There are the boys, guys, and the men. When they come across them, their feminine instinct appraises them and decides on what category these male folks fall into automatically. The way a boy thinks and act is quite different from how an intelligent man does. The way a guy dresses is very much different from a man. The way a man talks is different from a guy. There is usually a sensational aura to this classification of the male gender. Therefore, depending on her age and wants, a woman will be more receptive to a particular type of guy. E.g. a girl in her teens is more swayable by a guy than a boy (which is not largely age dependent). Likewise a woman in her mid-twenties with the intention of getting married soon will want to let go of guys and give men more opportunities.
2. Her nature
It is said that women are the most complex beings God made for men to comprehend. I agree with the ideology of who so ever propounded it. This beautiful beings reason more emotionally than logically. They think often with their hearts which are delicate and flexible thus there is no law known to man that is applicable to women in general, their decision making and want are ever changing. You could drool over a girl, shower her with compliments and gifts yet she will still detest you and opt for the guy that ignores her and offers her nothing. It’s never basic science with them; you could be rich and handsome yet still get rejected.
3. Her criteria
Some women have a checklist to ascertain that they’ve found Mr. Right even though they know he doesn’t exist in the real sense of the word. So they have high hopes and even higher ambitions that surely he will come their way and so every other male folk that doesn’t meet their standard  is just a phony until that so impossibly perfect ‘man’ walks up to them. Some of these men have gone through the strain of mustering up courage to walk up to them, but since they aren’t near the valuation of the prince charming they want, they get blown off.
4. Ambition conflict
The female folk may turn down a man because of the tendency of emotional distraction. Some women are just so particular about their education and career and do not want to succumb to the cravings of the men. With the advent of feminism, the increasing belief is that men’s aim at initiating a relationship is because they want to subdue their exotic bodies, and productive minds so as to feel good about themselves. They make themselves believe that they want to focus on their career goals and probably later settle down with that man that will understand who they truly are and so for that moment, the male folks are just not in their interest.

5. Emotional insecurity
Their emotional insecurity is also one of the reasons why they turn down men. The past experience could have been very hurtful and they could still be brooding and also yet to get over it. It mars the trust they once had for men. To them every male folk is a sequel and share much in common with the previous one. So they build walls to safeguard them but unknowingly, they block out that decent guy who ought to mend their brokenness. Some of them are not just ready to jump into a relationship, not when they still have bags and baggage. They just want to unpack those negative experiences and then air their dirty laundries to start afresh in due time.
6. Content of approach
To be factual, the content of attitude, approach or looks and even time determine how women will respond to you. Some of the male folks have very bad manners of approaches. Who still uses archaic words to toast a lady?! Cliché words really bore them. Sometimes your appearance kills the fantasy they web. The below average thinking faculty ironically amuses them, manner of speech does help to kill that moment a nicely body built man walks up to them to say something just grammatically preposterous. Women are body language experts so your lack of confidence, flinching and desperation which are noticed with ease, kill your chances with them.
7. Materialism
Some women are extravagant and materialistic. No woman is out of your league but if you’re not able to handle them, don’t go for them. Before you approach some of them, their eyes have already X-rayed your pockets, appraising your value and determining your potential capacity to uphold them. It’s so disappointing to them if you don’t measure up to the task. So they wonder what more do you want to waste their time for? Nonetheless some have chosen to live a celibate life for personal reasons best known them.
 In some situations, it’s no fault of the men. Some women are just uncouth and lacking in courtesy. Many women need to realize that they’re just a speck of dust in the beach of the population of beautiful women in the world. So be ladylike, courteous and be subtle in your disinterest towards men. Cheers!
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