Girls are fickle they say, and hardly know what they want. Their unpredictable nature makes this list such a hard list to compile, yet here we are, Trendsexpress never disappoints. These are the top things girls want in a boyfriend.
1. Fun and has good sense of humor
This tops the list!!! The one thing women really want is Fun! Women want a rich guy because with money she can have all the fun money can buy, they want a talented or famous guy, because fun is magnetic to him, they want an influential & powerful man, because with him, they can have all the fun within his limits (becomeaplayer.com). You’re might be thinking you’re not so rich, not popular and not so influential, don’t be dismayed! Sense of humour has got you! Every girl loves a guy that can make her laugh, so tease, make jokes (not that you become a clown), use sarcasm, make her smile & let her feel good about herself.
2. Honest and faithful
If Girls had the power to curse men with Pinocchio’s affliction of not being able to get away with a lie, believe me, they won’t hesitate. Every girl loves and wants a guy who is honest and trustworthy. When they love, it’s with their body, heart, mind and soul; bearing that in mind, they value commitment, faithfulness, and a straightforward guy that will be sincere with them.
3. Attractive and charismatic
Yes girls love tall guys, yet hot girls date guys of average or lesser height. Some love chiseled abs, while it’s repulsive to others. When it comes to the physical traits of a man it’s a case of “different strokes, for different people”, but what is extremely certain is that every girl wants clothes so beautiful and attractive, that only she has it in the world, and the same rule applies when it comes to their choice of men; they want a unique man! To say all charismatic people are unique is an incontestable fact. So be attractive, ooze sex appeal, be her prince charming and she will be instinctively attracted to you.
4. Intelligent
High IQ is something women will always find fascinating. They’re intrigued by intelligence and nothing is more captivating than a man with brains. Intelligence is sexy!
5. Proper grooming and sense of style
Let’s face it, you want a girl with stunning curves like a coke bottle, a glowing skin and a sassy dresser, yet what you have to offer is a Mr. Ibu look alike. Yes you can get the girl, perhaps in your dreams, or probably if you’re as rich as him. She spends a fortune and lots of hours to look that good and she also wants you to make an effort, so spruce up, be neat, clean and hygienic. Keep a neat haircut, dress to suite the occasion, use good cologne and speak proper grammar. Show her you value yourself.
6. Ambitious with good earning potential
Women can whiff ambition and potential from a mile away; they are attracted to focused and ambitious men who are determined in the pursuit of their career. So be passionate about something, be it your academics, sporting career, entrepreneurial venture, hobby, artistry etc. Your “earning potential” is equally important, because she wants a guy who is capable of taking care of her and providing for her in the near future.
7. Affectionate and understanding
It’s fair to say women are very complicated creatures that often think and act irrationally, which makes them prone to mistakes and weird behaviors. An understanding and affectionate guy cultivates the qualities of a good listener, a non-judgmental person, an adviser and one who can tolerate them. They love a guy who can understand, even when it’s difficult to.
8. Romantic and exceptional in bed
It’s not just the orgasms. A woman knows that a man who takes care of her in bed will take care of her out of bed. (msn.com). Girls love men, who make them a priority when it comes to sex and are good at it. Aside sex, girls also love guys who are thoughtful and romantic. So be selfless in your show of affection with her; treat her to a dinner, bath her, help out with her hair, bring her breakfast in bed and give her soothing massages. Every girl wants this trait in her boyfriend.
9. That makes her feel beautiful and special
To you she might be flawlessly beautiful, but to her she sees some flaws and will forever be in competition with other beautiful women. What every girl wants from you is for you to continually validate her beauty, show your attraction to her, give her honest compliments, show her off to your friends, make her friends envious of the affection you show her and generally make her feel good about herself.
10. Generosity
Being selfish with your time and money is quite unattractive to women. Girls want guys who are kind and charitable, not only towards them, but to others. You communicate high value by giving to others and this is a very attractive trait. Besides when you give, you’re certain to receive **winks**

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