Exclusive Interview With Sa’adat Bibire; Miss Nigeria Int’l ‘014

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      Akinyemi Timileyin of Trendsexpress recently had an interview with Ex-Miss Nigeria Int’l; Saadat Bibire. The beauty queen who is also an ambassador to LADYSOFT  was quite expository on a number of things about herself, her career, her plans for the future among other things. Enjoy excerpts from the interview below:

  T.E MAG. –   Putting a veil on the various accolades which have been bestowed on you in recent years, we would love to know who SAADAT BIBIRE is? Please tell us about yourself?
S.B – I’m Sa’adat Bibire, a Mass Communication graduate of Alhikma university, I’m 21 years old. I love dancing and acting and yes I’m in love with sports.
T.E MAG. –  Where is home at the moment? Where are you based?
S.B – I  am based in Ilorin, kwara state.
T.E MAG. – You’re from what state?
S.B – I’m from kwara state, Ilorin precisely.
T.E MAG. – You come from a family of how many siblings?
S.B – Eight (8).
T.E MAG. – What does your personal life on a daily basis entail?
S.B – A lot of things. Depends on my mood and the project I have at hand.
T.E MAG. – What and who motivated you to contest for the MISS NIGERIA INT’L pageantry contest?
S.B – Couple of friends motivated me then and the fact that I wanted to challenge myself; my abilities and strength.
T.E MAG. – How did you feel when you won?
S.B – I was very happy, felt like a conqueror.

… just because someone is doing well at something doesn’t mean you’ll do so well…

T.E MAG. – Did you take on any project(s) as the EX- MISS NIGERIA INT’L, if so tell us?
S.B – Yea, worked and still working. My project is still on going. Working on a campaign against rape. You’ll hear more of ”saab foundation” in the news very soon.
T.E MAG. – What are the challenges in accomplishing your project(s)?
S.B – Sponsors! Sponsors!! Sponsors!!!
T.E MAG. – Knowing the nature of women, you must be an object of envy or alternatively a role model to the female folks. How well do other ladies relate with you?
S.B – I’ll say I’m a very friendly person and I can relate with every body. So I relate well with anyone who relates with me. It’s that simple, *smiles*
T.E MAG. – Which do you keep more as friends, the ladies or the guys and please tell us why?
S.B – I have more male friends. It’s rare for a guy to betray your trust. It’s rare to find a guy who’s your friend and still stab you in the back.
T.E MAG. – With your striking beauty, will it be fair to say many men will be intimidated to approach you?
S.B – *LAUGHS*.. That’s a funny one. Men will always be men. And well thank God I know how to handle the attention.
T.E MAG. – What other skills or talents do you have? Is there any you’re putting into good use?
S.B – I’m a very creative person. I’ve acquired lots of skills and I’m putting everything into good use. I do makeup, beads, I’m a mixologist, I bake, just enrolled for a fashion class. So I’m quite talented and creative.
T.E MAG. – What are your interests and hobbies?
S.B – I love to dance, do sports, laugh, swim, yes! making people smile and I love cooking.
T.E MAG. – How do you stay in shape?
S.B – Well I’m lucky, I barely go to the gym and I’m still in shape. I eat what I want, *laughs*. But, well; I over work myself so that will be it.
T.E MAG. – Describe your signature outfit?
S.B – A white bodycon dress with a black sandal heels, with a black clutch and a black veil.
T.E MAG. –  Are you a feminist? Do you believe in gender equality?
S.B – I’m a feminist but not an extremist.. I believe everyone deserves a chance irrespective of the gender.
T.E MAG. – The interested male populace will love to know your description of an ideal man, please describe him?
S.B – A God fearing man, gentle, cute, not too tall, and yea anyone my mind likes.
T.E MAG. –  What or which day will be your happiest moment/day?
S.B – Every single day of my life is important.
 T.E MAG. – Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What are your personal goals?
S.B – I see myself having a big fashion house, probably having a drink company also, married with kids and of course living happily.
T.E MAG. – What advice do you have for someone that wants to follow your path?
S.B – I’ll say be smart and stay close to God. He always has a plan for you, just because someone is doing well at something doesn’t mean you’ll do so well, listen to your heart and pray and you’ll definitely get there.
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